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Reviews of gigs by Members and Guests

These are a sample, selected by the Webmaster, of the reviews received.  Apologies if yours is not here but there is rarely enough space to include them all.
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Chris Newman’s Georgia Ramblers plus Chris Gower & Julie Horton - Gig on 28 November 2018:
John & Pauline Bush: "Wonderful evening of wartime favourites and melodies over the years."
Tim & Andrew: "Very erudite & learned!  Keep it up!  Oh and by the way, the usual great evening lit up by the lovely Miss Horton."
John & Brenda Bugg:
"Our committee member named Chris,
Who not only does this,
But thumps at the pi-ano,
Like the navy did to 'Belgrano',
And gives us an evening of bliss."
Roger & Lesley: "Very entertaining evening.  Great singing from Julie & Pete and playing on the piano by Chris.  The rest of the band were superb."
Maureen & John Carter: "A welcome return to our own Chris Newman plus his band.  One change of personnel with Trevor Britton replacing Dave Roger (who is unfortunately very ill).  As usual with Chris, many obscure numbers, most with a WW1  theme.  Plus the ever popular Julie Horton."
David & Anita Cairns and John Killian:  "Thank Chris for playing boogie-woogie in memory of John (Ward)."

Chris Walker’s Pedigree Jazz Band - Gig on 14 October 2018
Tim & Andrew: "Great band with a great mix of tunes.  Educated and entertained."
John & Brenda: "A sextet of scintillating, stylish, superb, sophistication."
Malcolm, Maureen & Veronica: "Professional, accomplished and educating with some very interesting information on jazz history.  An entertaining evening.
Julia Hubery & Mark Willis: "Fantastic together sound.  Especially loved the first set and 'Creole Love Call'.  Would have been great to have some more slow numbers."
Nic & Heather: "A talented band of gifted musicians treating us to some interesting jazz versions of classical and standards."
Pauline & John Bush: "A fantastic evening of jazz 'history' with excellent jazz musicians."

Savannah Jazz Band - Gig on 31 October 2018
Joyce Cook, Brenda & John Bugg: 
A jazz band called Savannah, Six blokes and part time piana,
Most of 'em older than your nanna, But none in need of a Stannah,
Spread jazz like heavenly manna, Chris, put 'em in next year's planner"
Maureen & John Carter: "The usual visit by this superb band from Yorkshire with their wide range of traditional jazz numbers with emphasis on the blues.  Especially liked the duets of piano and harmonica on the R & B type tunes."
Nick & Heather Anderson: "The band played to their usual high standardwith some rarely heard musical gems included."
Roger & Lesley: "A good mix of jazz played by a versatile & entertaining band of musicians - grand, droll, northern humour.  Hot jazz - perfect for a cold night."
David & Bridget: "A good variety of tunes and music.  The audience participation was very pleasant and welcome.  Almost non-stop music - what more could you want."

Bob Dwyer's Bix and Pieces - Gig on 17 October 2018:
John Boulton & Cicely Hughes: "Brilliant band and good varied mix of jazz standards.  Nice to have 3 singers too!"
Jan Almond: "I really liked this band - good entertainers and excellent choice of songs."
Roger & Lesley: "Perfect!  Great music & musicianship - reeds in particular.  Some familiar songs and a few not so familiar.  A great ensemble - so many instruments!"
John & Brenda Bugg: "Bob and the magnificent six provided a night of fun and melody to everyone's delight.  Depped beautifully (Andy Chislett)."
Maureen & John Carter: "Just one change of personnel from the last visit - Andy Chislett on trumpet (and flugelhorn).  Seven top notch musicians playing a superb range of jazz numbers from fast and furious to wonderful blues.  Brilliant!"
Malcolm, Maureen & Veronica: "Great 7-piece band.  Particularly enjoyed the bass saxophone of John Baines and the banjo playing of David Price but an excellent ensemble.  Not every band gets a standing ovation at Gosport."

Martin Bennett’s Old Green River Band - Gig on 3 October 2018:
David & Bridget: “An excellent band - lively with a variety of interpretations of the tunes played, with plenty of vocals.”
Tim & Andrew: “Good old favourites with John Maddox as a superb deputy.”
Tony Baily: “Very good piano with super vocals.“
Roger Standen: “Excellent trumpet - very entertaining Jazz Band”
Jan Almond & Veronica Walker: ”Excellent jazz musicians.  Good sound especially John Maddox.”
Maureen & John Carter: “A superb performance from this popular band from the North West.  With Martin Bennett on his driving  blues piano style plus the incomparable Stan Williams on trumpet and, from Bournemouth, John Maddox depping on reeds.  Super!"

Gwyn Lewis’s Old Boy Stompers - Gig on 19th September 2018:
Maureen & John Carter: “All the way from Sweden - well, four of them plus Gwyn Lewis from Swansea who is now living in Stockholm plus our own Chris Newman on keyboard.  A super evening of New Orleans Jazz.”
David & Anita Cairns, John Killian, Vic & Sue Pheasant: “Terrific Band.  Great musicians.  Great humour.  Chris was exceptional on keyboard as always!!”
Pauline & John Bush: “An excellent evening of jazz with a Swedish accent by great musicians.  Welcome anytime!!”
Diana & Brian Nutting: “Good music selection.  Worked very well together considering one or two ‘guest’ players tonight.”
Roger & Lesley: “Excellent musicians – some old ones – tunes that is! and some new.  Really enjoyable evening – good music & good fun.” 
Maureen & Malcolm Swire and Veronica Walker: “First class band, especially considering there were two guests, with a repertoire that included some unusual numbers.  Especially liked the strong string bass and a banjo player who could sing too.  Great entertainment.”
Bridget & David Salmons: “We loved the band’s rendering Basin Street Blues, as well as other different pieces.  A good evening once again.”

Jeff Barnhart’s Sweet & Hot Quartet - gig on 5 September 2018:
Margaret & Jim Bevington: “Very entertaining.  Excellent musicians.  Good variety.”
Malcolm, Maureen & Walker: “Superb.  The early Piano/Banjo duet was sensational.  Four great musicians on top form.  Very entertaining.”
Roger & Lesley: “Third time and they get better and better. Great mix of music.  We’re just waiting for 2019!”
Maureen & Joh n Carter: “A welcome return for Jeff & Ann Barnhart from the USA on their third visit to Gosport.  The unlikely combination of flute and banjo, plus the more conventional piano and drums make a superb sound on various jazz numbers - all Sweet & Hot!”
Nich & Heather Anderson: “The usual high standard one expects from this international band and wide selection of numbers from the golden age of jazz”
Robert & Brenda Davenport: “Great flute & vocals from Anne Barnhart.  Please  ensure she’s featured again.”
Jean Chase & Jean Petty: “Great stuff!  A most enjoyable and enchanting evening.”

Tiger’ Tim Eyles’ Ragamuffins -Gig on 22 August 2018:
John & Pauline Bush: " A terrific evening of great humour and music."
Diana & Brian Nutting: "As usual a very entertaining gig - Tim even had some new jokes."
David & Bridget Salmons: "Great sense of humour.  Most enjoyable evening.  Hilarious!  And the music wasn't too bad either."
Malcolm & Maureen Swire: "Lively.  First joke not bad!  Great band even with just the four to start with (Trombone & Reeds arrived late due to vehicle problems) weren't bad at all.  One or two new jokes.  A very entertaining evening."
Maureen & John Carter: "Another excellent performance from this ever-popular band.  Despite the late arrival of two members of the front line, Tim held the fort ably with his trumpet playing and excellent collection of old jokes."
Roger & Lesley: "Good jokes.  Well done the quartet at the beginning.  Just the great entertainment we expect from Tim & Co."
Tony Baily: "Always a pleasure - best jokes in jazz.  Great fun band."
Tim & Andrew: "On good form as always.  Held together well at the start awaiting the arrival of the 'others'.  Nice band."

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John Maddocks’ Jazzmen - Gig on 8 August 2018:
Andrew Gaisford & Tim King: “A fantastic line-up and great evening.  One of the best.”
Ron Norman: “Usual good standard from John and his band, backed tonight by the very good ‘Baby Jools’.”
Roger & Margaret Standen: “Great band.  Baby Jools brilliant drummer.  Enjoyed the evening very much.”
Roger & Lesley: “Great evening.  Superb musicians, some unusual tunes.  Lots of old favourites.  Particularly enjoyed the bass playing.”
Maureen Swire: “Excellent in every way, especially John Maddocks.  ‘Jools’ also very good.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “We always say ‘if the band doesn’t have a banjo and a brass horn - it ain’t a proper jazz band’.  John Maddocks’s line is - and more!  Special plaudits to our mate, quiet man Chris Gower, who lets his trombone do all the talking - eloquently!”
Ann Wilson and Barbara & Hugh Emsley: “Excellent as usual.  They are a delight and very entertaining.”
Maureen & John Carter: “What a super evening’s entertainment from this popular ‘local’ band (well Hants  Dorset).  All the usual suspects driven along by the wonderful, young, Baby Jools on drums!”

Dart Valley Stompers - Gig on 25 July 2018:
David & Bridget Salmons: "A great band.  Well organised as the evening flowed from one tune to the next.  Excellent evening.  Glad to learn that jazz originated in Newton Abbott, or is that fake news?
Roger & Lesley: "A great evening, that made us forget the heat, as the music was so 'hot' right from the first number.  Fabulous!!"
Maureen & John Carter: "A new band to us at Gosport (Webmaster's note: not quite new but it's nearly nine years since they were last here) but the top-notch front line are all well known to us from other bands and with a rhythm section of equal calibre made for a super evening of New Orleans Jazz!"
Mark Willis, Marie Willis & Julia Hubery: "Thoroughly enjoyed the band - they're a great blend.  Thought we loved the fast numbers, it would have been great to hear more slow ones, which we think they did really well."
John & Brenda Bugg: "On a night when the band might have been expected to do a fullly Monty impersonation, instead they gave us all the old tunes with such enthusiasm and skill that they sounded newly minted."
Ron Norman:: "Good swinging band made for an excellent evening's entertainment.  Jeremy on reds was excellent - as usual."
Barry Lomas, Joy Cox & Trish Emm: "Very lively Band.  Accomplished musicians too.  Bring them back soon."
Malcolm & Maureen Swire: "Nearly nine years since they were last here.  Only Jeremy Huggett and Graham Trevarton of the line-up then returned tonight.  But an excellent jazz band.  Not every band  gets a standing ovation at Gosport so don't let another 9 years go by this time."

Sussex Jazz Kings - Gig on 11 July (Football World Cup semi-final, which England lost to Croatia, was being played at the same time)
Pauline & John Bush: “Superb jazz evening - better than World Cup football!!”
Marion Lance & Doreen Pladdys: “Lovely evening - very enjoyable [sorry about the football result!)
Trish, Joy & Barry: “Good line-up and familiar tunes, mostly familiar faces too.  Good for dancing but too hot.”
Lesley & Roger: “After a slow start, the band really warmed up once the football ended.  Loved the new banjo player.”
Sue & Vic Pheasant: “Great evening.  Come again soon.”
Malcolm & Maureen Swire: “Great evening apart from the football result.  Superb band.  Welcome to Paul Sealey , a great banjo player.”

Apex Jazz Band - Gig on 27 June 2018
Maureen & John Carter: “A welcome return to these old stalwarts of Gosport Jazz Club!  Who, despite advancing years, can stil play traditional jazz with verve and enthusiasm.”
Jean Chase & Jean Petty: “Always a treat to hear the Apex after forty-odd years.”
Anita, Dave & John: “Good band, good line-up, easy listening.”
Bridget & David: “A good jolly evening.  Enjoyed the humour.”
Ashley, Lesley & Roger: “Very lively.  Enjoyed the dry humour!  A good selection of unusual tunes - really nice to hear some different ones.  Lots of pace.”

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Panama Café Orchestra - Gig on 13 June 2018
John Boulton & Cecily Hughes: “Revived those 1920’s recordings splendidly and with lots of funny repartee.  Just tickety boo!”
John & Pauline Bush: “Superb evening with excellent music and great fun”.
David & Bridget Salmons: “Liked their smart appearance and good sense of humour.  Good tunes and flexibility from the Reeds.  Very enjoyable evening.”
Nancy Wilson & Liz Heal: “Five stars.  Really good, very smart too.  Nice to see.  A very enjoyable evening.”
Jan Almond, Veronica Walker & Chris Wells: “Very entertaining & professional.  All good musicians & singers.”
Jean Petty: “Liked the old music of the twenties.”

Eagle Jazz Band - Gig on 30 May 2018 (Leader, Matt Palmer, was detained elsewhere so John Maddocks deputised on Reeds.)
David & Anita Cairns and John Killian: "FAB-U-LOUS daaarling!!!.   Ace players.   Great music.  More Please."
Maureen & John Carter: "Brilliant evening's entertainment with John Maddocks depping for the absent Matt Palmer.   Superb mix of Rags, Blues, Marches & Spirituals.   The standout solos were John Maddocks on alto, Brian (Mellor) on banjo and Baby Jules on drums!)
Mark & Marie Willis and Julia Hubery: "Absolutely fabulous - so energetic.   Amazing drummer & everyone soooo good.  Loved them."
John & Brenda Bugg: "Without a PA system, the band refused my request for 'Big Noise From Winnetka" but, that minor irritation aside, a great selection of tunes and musicians."
Barry Prosser: "Cannot think of enough superlatives to say about this band.  Foot-tapping, hand-clapping, jumping session.  What a treat!"
David & Bridget Salmons: "A great group, especially the drummer!   Played popular tunes with verve and enthusiasm.  A great evening with an excellent clarinetist.  All the band showed their individual talents.  Well done!"
Tony Baily:: "Sad that Matt could not be with the band but nice to see John Maddocks with the band - also the young Baby Jools on drums - what a talent."

New Orleans Jazz Bandits - Gig on 16 May 2018 (The Band’s drummer, Malcolm Murphy, unfortunately became ill before the gig started but is now making a full recovery.  We all wish him well.)
Gill Hinde & Brian Wead: “Very enjoyable.  The performance was all the more creditable as they lost their drummer (Malcolm Murphy) just before the gig started.  Hope he gets well soon.”
Roger & Lesley: “A good ensemble - well played (without their drummer).  Some unusual tunes.  Individually excellent musicians.”
Pauline & John Bush: “An excellent selection of N. O. jazz with the ‘Blues’ beuatifully played.”
Maureen & John Carter: “After a dramatic start with the drummer Malc Murphy taken ill, the bass player & banjoist worked valiantly in holding the beat for the excellent front line.  A good evening of traditional classics, show tunes, marches and blues followed.  Very enjoyable with a rousing  Rebecca, Rebecca to finish.”
Barbara Bell & Norman March: “There are Bandits in Gosport but not like this!  They’re marvellous.”
John Ward: “Enjoyed the variety of music played so well.  Easy to listen to - come back!!”
Julia Hubery, Mark Willis and Marie Willis: “Thoroughly enjoyed the band, persevering without their drummer.  Amazing double bass.  Especially enjoyed Vieux Carré Bleues and Saratoga Swing.”

Storyville Jassband from Holland - Gig on 2 May 2018
Tony Baily: “Good Dutch swing with good player, especially the drummer and a good sound set-up.  Come again!”
Jill Hinde, Sandra Harman & Brian Wead: “Very entertaining, most enjoyable.”
Tim King & Andrew Gaisford: “An excellent band, new to the Club with a lovely range of tunes.  The drum solo was great (really good).”
Brian & Belinda Maddock: “Excellent band.  Hugely entertaining.  Return visit recommended.”
John Killian, Vic & Sue Pheasant: “Great band who played some good jazz.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “Good bunch of talented musicians.  Plenty of humour.  Enjoyed the selection of tunes.  A very good evening.  As our youngest granddaughter would say ‘I’ll have more of that’.”
Roger Hart: “An uplifting evening; nicely balanced playlist; great musicianship.”
Malcolm & Maureen Swire & Veronica Walker: “This band compares with the best we have heard at the Club in many years.  Great entertainment, musicianship and variety of music.  Please book them again
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Slide by Slide - Richard Leach & Kevin Grenfell - Gig on 18 April 2018
Marie Willis, Mark Willis & Julia Hubery: “Really enjoyed the individual talents and beautiful blend of this band and especially the fantastic pianist and drummer - felt privileged to have heard them.”
John & Brenda Bugg & Eileen Vincent: “Harmony + Humour = Huge Entertainment - 5 musicians making good music look effortless.  Best night of the year (so far).
Andrew Gaisford & Tim King: “A refreshing change!  Hugely enjoyable.  Please get them back.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “Very much enjoyed the two trombone arrangements as well as the keyboard music.  An excellent evening and of course great humour.”
Tony Baily: “A very good swinging band with a superb rhythm section.”
Margaret & Jim Bevington: “Lovely music. Variety of good tunes.  Two good vocalists - very entertaining.”
Ron Norman: “Excellent - unusual combo.  Great evening.”

Roger Marks’ Cornish Armada - Gig on 4 April 2018
Nancy Wilson & Liz Heal: “Loved the music and all the banter.  A very good evening.”
Marie Willis, Mark Willis & Julia Hubery: “Really lovely feelgood band who totally got together and made us smile.”
Bill, Barry, Trish and John Culliford: “Good old jazz band.  Great fun.”
Jim Bevington: “ I knew Roger Marks was superb but his trumpeter was very good too.  A good evening.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “ The well and long established band were tonight playing at their best and in good vocal harmony.”
Tony Baily: “Always a good gig with Roger and the boys.  Great drummer with super vocals.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “Great variety of tunes and vocals and humour.  Let’s have them again!  It is lovely to be back amongst the friendly Club after three months absence.”

Doc Houlind’s Revival All Stars from Copenhagen - first time at Gosport Jazz Club - Gig on 28 March 2018
Diana & Brian Nutting: “Good musicians - brilliant clarinetist.  Good selection of music.”
Pauline & John Bush: “Fantastic evening.  Clarinetist especially entertaining.”
Maureen & John Carter: “All the way from Denmark, this band played all the popular trad jazz classics.  The stand-out players for me were Jesper on clarinet, Brian on bass and Lijs on piano.”
Ron Norman: “Great band, especially the clarinetist.  Good variety of sound and variety of tunes.”
Tony Baily: “A super 7-piece band with great energy.  Looking forward to your next visit.”
Trish, Barry, Yvonne & Bill: “Very lively band playing great music.  Please come again.”
Jan Almond: “Excellent band.  Entertaining - especially the clarinetist.  Wonderful sound.”

Mike Denham’s Sunset Café Stompers - Gig on 21 March 2018
Mark Willis, Julia Hubery & Marie Willis: “Loved the way the whole band played with such energy and especially loved the slide, clarinet and vocals - terrific.”
Pauline & John Bush: “A great evening of jazz with wonderful musicians and banter.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “Nice selection of some old Chicago and ‘territory’ band tunes - old but new to us!  Three cheers for Hamish - Bessie Smith better watch out!”
Barry Prosser: “Fab-u-luss!  Thoroughly entertaining evening.”
Maureen & Malcolm Swire and Veronica Walker: “Great 7-piece band plus superb vocals from Hamish.  What not to like very much especially with John Maddocks guesting.  Great evening’s entertainment.”
Maureen & John Carter: “A super performance from this very popular band from Dorset, ably led by Mike Denham on piano.  With excellent performances by John Maddocks depping on clarinet and tenor plus the wonderful blues vocals of Hamish Maxwell from Bridport.”
John & Lynn Wallis: “Great to have a seven-piece back and Hamish was brilliant.”

Graham Smith’s Jazz Allsorts - Nat Gonella’s birthday commemoration gig on 7 March 2018
New members John Boulton & Cecily Hughes: "Great mix of talent - lots of experience. Good to see John Maddocks again.  Band of all-stars, not just ’allsorts’.  Bring it on!"
Guests Tina Reidy, Pat Bromley & Christine Wilson: "Excellent Nat Gonella evening.  Worth travelling from Bournemouth."
Maureen & John Carter: "What a superb band!  Six top notch musicians playing everything from ChinaTown to I’m In The Market For You plus Nat’s trumpet & a glass of Prosecco.  What’s not to like?"
Judy Emm, David Fisher & Alvis Phillips: "Superb individual musicians combining to make a great evening.  More please."
Diana & David Nutting: "Great group of musicians.  Very entertaining evening."
Malcolm & Maureen Swire and Veronica Walker: "Great band - very smart with their liquorice ‘allsorts’  ties.   Six superb musicians with a varied and enjoyable repertoire and good humour.  Please book ‘em again!"

Harry Strutters Hot Seven plus Marlene Hill - Gig on 21 February
Tony Baily: "As good as ever.  Lovely singer.  All great Players (5 star)."
Maureen & John Carter: "Excellent performance by this popular local band.  The rapport between Tony Carter on reeds and Megs Etherington on trumpet plus valve trombone was particularly appreciated plus the excellent John Bell on drums and singing by Marlene Hill."
John & Brenda Bugg: "Lovely choice of numbers, one of our top two pianists and the marvellous Marlene - bluesy, breathy, big voiced & beautiful.  Capital E entertainment."
Jan & Peter Almond: "A very entertaining band. All excellent musicians and a good repertoire of music."
Julia Hubery, Mark Willis & Marie Willis: "Thoroughly enjoyed all the fun & talent & especially the gorgeous & versatile & diverse voice of Marlene."
Ann & Richard Wilson and Hugh & Barbara Emsley: "Wonderful band - excellent musicians.  Great singer, amazing piano player."
Brian & Belinda Maddock and John & Lynn Wallis: "Great music.  Loved the vocalist."

Andy Woon’s Vintage Hot Five - Gig on 7 February 2018
Nick & Heather Anderson: ”A band specialising in early trad jazz hitting all the right notes and showing great expertise.”
Diana & Brian Nutting: "Good musicians.  Liked the early intro of the band members."
Malcolm & Maureen Swire: "Music with a difference delivered to enjoy."
Tony Baily: "Nice swinging five-piece.  Very good banjo player."
Anon: "Very early jazz - VINTAGE really describes the music tonight."

FB Pocket Orchestra - Gig on 24 January 2018
Fran Rees, Joyce Cooke and Brenda & John Bugg: "Absolutely brilliant - so versatile and original with lots of variety.  Please come back again.”
Malcolm & Maureen Swire: "Very distinctive sound and repertoire. Three gifted musicians who entertained us superbly.  Good 'gentle' jazz."
Jan & Peter Almond: "Three fabulous entertaining musicians.  Very versatile and a breath of fresh air.  Please book them again."
Roger & Lesley: "Superb!  Excellent musicianship and mix of styles of music."
Chris Wells & Charles Lindley: "Most enjoyable. Very original. Sharp and tight. Very talented.  A top evening."
Juila Hubery, Mark & Marie Willis: "Gorgeous voice and clarinet with fantastic guitar and banjo plus we loved the squeeze box!  Also loved to have a slightly different repertoire with a slightly different edge."

Chris Pearce Jazz Band - Gig on 10 January 2018
Tony Baily: “Good swinging trad.  Lovely trombone player.  “Good rhythm section.”
Andrew & Tim: “A wider range of music and all the better for it.  Some really great numbers with good intuition & intelligent playing between members of the band.  A band that plays music and not tell jokes.”
Brian & Diana Nutting: “Good music selection.  Lively band.  Liked Chris P’s humour which created a good atmosphere and rapport within the band.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “With Chris’s pearcing (!) wit, a lovely piercing trumpet from Tony, whose eyebrows rose in relation to the notes he played, and subtle trombone quotes, another fun night.”
David Fisher: “Superb musicianship by whole band; please return them soon.  A great evening of music.”
John/Anita & David/Vic & Sue: “A great way to start the New Year.  Get ‘em back.”
Maureen & John Carter: “We are familiar with most of the players in tonight’s band but never all together in this format!  Excellent band playing all the classics from the traditional jazz repertoire.”

Barry Palser’s Savoy Super Six - New to Gosport - Gig & the Club’s Christmas Party on 13 December 2017
John  Bugg’s limerick:
“Jalapino Jazz from Barry Palser,
Inflammable like a petrol bowser,
John Crocker’s a real treat
Soulful trumpet from Pete,
A woman caught fire, we had to douse ‘er.”
Diana & Brian Nutting: “A lively and entertaining evening.  An excellent band.”
Pauline & John Bush: “A spectacular evening of superb jazz & congratulation to the Committee on an excellent evening.  Thank you.”
Ron Norman: “Very good, great night - good music & humour.
Roger & Lesley: “Very good mixture of music, well played with some nice touches of humour.”
Jan & Peter Almond: “Fantastic band!  Great musicians.  Book ‘em again - quick!!”

Savannah Jazz Band - Gig on 29 November 2019
Tony Baily: “A very solid Trad band with excellent rythym sectionand good sound.  Well worth seeing again.”
Roger & Lesley: “Luvely northern lads!  Versatile and fun, come back any time.  And of course the music was great!”
Vic, Sue, Dave, Anita & John: “Brilliant! More of that please.  PS - Come back soon.”
Chris Wells: “Six very accomplished and entertaing musicians and all for less than the cost of a pizza!  A great evening, thanks lads.”
Jan & Peter: “Good old fashioned jazz.  Excellent musicians, very entertaining.”
Veronica, Malcolm & Maureen: “Six very talented musicians with a varied repertoire and super repartee.  Very entertaining evening which must be repeated.”
Maureen & John Carter: “A welcome return to this very popular band from ‘oop north’.  Playing a wide range of rags, stomps and blues.  Especially popular were the R & B numbers with the addition of piano and harmonica.”

Pedigree Jazz Band - Gig on 15 November 2017
Ann Wilson, Barbara & Hugh Emsley: “Excellent.  They must come again.”
June & John Curtis, M & M Young: “Excellent, great evening.  Thank you.”
John Killian, Anita & David Cairns, Sue & Vic Pheasant: “ Wonderful - PROPER jazz.”
Maureen & John Carter: “Usual superb performance and repertoire from this very popular band.  Couple of personnel changes - Andy Chislett on trumpet and John Bell on drums.”
Barry, Trish and Bill: “Super band - great repertoire.  Lots of get up and go.  Informative and funny.”
Doreen, Gill & Marion: “Very lively and enjoyable evening.  Band were also extremely smart and a credit!!”
Joyce Cook: “What a wonderful evening.  The band were just superb!!  Thank you for organising it.”

Kevin Grenfell’s Jazz Giants - Gig on 1 November 2017
Tony Bail: “Very slick 5-piece.  Great jokes and players.”
Jan & Peter Almond: “Wonderful musicians.  Good entertainers and also good interaction with the audience.  Please book again for next year.”
Ron Norman & Barry Prosser: “Great evening - good entertainment - the music was very good too!”
Maureen & John Carter: “Five superb musicians entertaining us with the full range of traditional jazz music.  Brilliant evening plus jokes as well!”
Maureen & Malcolm Swire: “We haven’t laughed so much for a long time!  But great musicians too, playing their own take on popular jazz tunes.  A superbly entertaining evening.”
Trish, Barry, Yvonne & Bill: “Very enjoyable evening being entertained by music and jokes.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “A highly professional band with their own interpretation of all the best known jazz numbers.  Good arrangements.”

New Orleans Heat - Gig On 18 October 2017
Lesley & Roger Lygoe and Ashley Morgan: “Very lively and entertaining.  Maybe a little loud in the percussion scetion but a good night.  Good selection of jazz tunes.  Particularly enjoyed the plumbers.”
John Ward & Jacqui Dyer: “Excellent band, one of the best .  Talented musicians.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “New Orleans Heat are what Dixieland is all about - rhythm and fun; a fantastic band.  A vote of thanks to Chris Newman for continuing to book a stream of such varied and talented musicians.”
Barry, Trish, Yvonne & Bill: “Brilliant.  Toe tapping romp AND they played all of the time!”
Maureen & Malcolm Swire and Veronica Walker: “One of the best, if not the best, bands we have at GJC.  All together in all they play - excellent.  Some super renditions of jazz standards with great solos.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “Great band, lively and full of vigour.  Good to have top players of instruments.  Good to have the piano on the left hand side.”
Maureen & John Carter: “These very old favourites really live up to their name playing hot New Orleand music!  Ably led from the front (literally) by Barry Grummet on piano with his distinctive hot boogie style.  Brilliant!”

Excelsior Vintage Jazz - Gig on 4 October 2017
Maureen & John Carter: “A very warm welcome to these old friends of Gosport Jazz Club - Ron Rumbold’s Excelsior Vintage Jazz playing all the very old favourites of the classic traditional jazz repertoire.”
Tony Baily: “ Nice to see Cuff and the boys back.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “A band very much in the trad mould playing the best of early jazz.”
Jean Chase & Jean Petty: “Now that’s Jazz, Jazz, Jazz!!  More!”
Maureen & Malcolm Swire: “Six excellent musicians on good form playing early classic trad tunes.  A great evening.”
Pauline & John Bush: “A nostalgic evening of great music.”
Roger Standen: “Good entertaining band.  Excellent trumpet playing by Cuff.”

Janice Day’s Sweetie Pie - Gig on 20 September 2017
Nick & Heather Anderson: "Well done to the Club to secure once again such top musicians playing in perfect harmony."
Tim King & Andrew Gaisford: "Really great music and lovely singing."
Pauline & John Bush: "An excellent evening of good entertainment and 20s music."
Roger Standen: "Fantastic trumpet, banjo, pianist.  Very good band."
Maureen & John Carter: "Four brilliant musicians plus the superb Janice Day playing and singing 1920s and 30s American music - a super evening's entertainment."
David & Bridget Salmons: "Enjoyed Janice's vocals and super fingers on the banjo - fabulous."

The Jeff Barnhart Quartet - Gig on 6 September 2017
Jean Chase & Jean Petty: “FANTASTIC!  Have a note in my diary for 5 September 2018.”
Maureen & John Carter: “The usual superb and polished performance from this Anglo-American quartet and long may they continue their annual visit to Gosport!”
John & Lynn Wallis: “The greatest - ‘Spats’at his best.  It’s just a shame we have to wait another year before we see them again.”
John Ward and his daughter Jacqui Dyer: “This is a great band,.  Lovely music - so good and such skilled performers along with the songs.  Fantastic rag music - each instrument played to perfection.  Great jazz together with stories.”
Julia Huberry & Mark Willis: “We feel privileged to have heard such quality and amazing diversity from this unusual quartet.  And oh what a banjo!!”
Tim King and Andrew Gaisford: “Fabulous!  Looking forward to 5 September 2018.”
Nancy Wilson & Liz Heal: “Brilliant.  A really good evening.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “They can be called ‘showtime in the jazz world’.  An unusual collection of rarely heard jazz classics by top talented musicians.  What more can one say?”

Bob Dwyer’s Bix and Pieces - Gig on 23 August 2017
Bridget & David Salmons: “Great variety of tunes and instrumentalists.  Another good evening.”
John & Lunn Wallis, Brian & Belinda Maddock: “Great tight sound.  Love ‘em.”
Joy Cox: “Great line-up - good music - enjoyable session - well done!!”
John & Brenda Bugg: “Like a well-oiled machine, the band gave an evening of something for everyone.  No need to mention individuals - a galaxy of talents!”
Maureen & Malcolm Swire and Veronica Walker: “An excellent ‘septet’, especially Sarah Spencer’s saxophones - the only female in the band!  Jelly Roll Morton featured on the piano - VG!’
Pauline & John Bush: “Excellent evening of music - Sarah was superb.”
Ron Norman: “Great band - good sound, excellent music, good variety.”
Jan & Peter Almond: “One of the best groups of musicians.  A really enjoyable evening.  Please book them again for next year.”
John Killian & Vic Pheasant: “Another great evening of jazz.”

‘Tiger’ Tim Eyles’s Ragamuffins - Gig on 9 August 2017
David & Bridget Salmons and Guests: "Great evening! Great humour & music.  Just what you want on a dull, wet evening (in summer!).
Jean Chase & Jean Petty: "As always a most enjoyable evening of course.  Went home on happy feet!"
Diana & Brian Nutting: "Very entertaining as always.  Many well known favourite numbers."
Anita & David Cairns and John Killian: "Terrific as always ... could we have them back more than once a yesar!!"
Maureen & John Carter: "Another superb evening's entertainment from Tim and his Ragamuffins!  Plus some new jokes from the Christmas cracker box."
Tony Baily: "Nice to see them back at the Club with the great Tony Carter on reeds, plus John Bell on drums - a very entertaining band."
Tony Brotherwood: "Great entertainment.  Every week please??  Lots of UMPH."
Nancy Wilson & Liz Heal: " 1) Very smartly turned out, 2) Certainly know how to keep an audience entertained, 3) Loved the jokes, 4) Great music, 5) What more can we say - 10/10."

Chris Newman’s Georgia Ramblers plus Chris Gower & Julie Horton - Gig on 26 July 2017
Diana & Brian Nutting: “Very good gig.  Good selection of music and enjoyed both the vocalist and the entertaining evening.”
Trish, Barry, Bill & Joy: “Very enjoyable with a good variety of music and singing by Julie Horton.”
Nancy Wilson & Liz Heal: “What a lovely change it made to have a singer - a very enjoyable evening.”
Joyce Cooke: “Great evening.  Great entertainment.  Super atmosphere.  Very enjoyable!!!”
John Ward: “This is an excellent band enhanced by the the lovely Julie and the versatile cornet player.  The boogie was great as is the band.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “Very enjoyable.  Good to hear Julie again.  Great boogie playing.”
Tony Brotherwood: “Good variety.  Good music.  Good to have a singer - thank you.”

Cuff Billett’s New Europa Jazz Band - Gig on 12 July 2017
Andrew Gaisford & Tim King: “Lovely seasoned performers - really on form tonight.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “A consistently good performance by our well known local band with Cuff in fine form.’
Jan & Peter Almond: ‘Very good band; consistently good musicians and entertaining.  This is showed by the number of people attending.”
Tony Baily: “ Cuff as good as ever - a very solid trad band.”
Roger & Margaret Standen: “Great to see Cuff again.  Enjoyed the band very much.”
Pauline & John Bush: “An evening of nostalgic Jazz.  Excellent.’
John & Brenda Bugg: “Melody, Harmony, Synchronicity, Felicity.”
Maureen & John Carter: “A welcome return of these old friends of Gosport Jazz Club.  A good evening’s entertainment of lesser known and some downright obscure numbers that only Cuff can find!”
Malcolm & Maureen Swire: “These six have played together for several years and it shows.  The front row were excellent, with Cuff leading Loz and John but the back row were just as good.  Lots of lesser known but good tunes.”
John & Lynn Wallis and Brian & Belinda Maddock: “Great boogie - great stompers.”

Kevin Scott’s Golden Eagle Jazz Band - Gig on 28 June 2017
John & Pauline Bush: “Very entertaining evening.  Particularly enjoyed the clarinetist.”
Barry Prosser: “I am still very much a new member but every time I come it just gets better and better!  The Golden Eagle really flew tonight.”
John, Dave, Anita, Vic & Sue: “Fantastic - get ‘em back.”
Tony Baily: “An A1 band with excellent line-up.  Great sound with good vocals.  Looking forwardto their return.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “The band is ancient, the tunes prehistoric and Kevin’s jokes were old when Pontius was a pilate, but experience, talent and showmanship were  eve#ident in abundance.  Long may they continue!”
Maureen & John Cater: “A change of personnel since the last visit by this band with two old frens Dave Stradwick on cornet and Malcolm Murphy on drums.  Excellent evening’s entertainment by Kevin and his superb band.
Maureen & Malcolm Swire and Veronica Walker:  “Great music from six very talented musicians.  Especially enjoyed Alan’s clarinet but particularly the fact that they so evidently enjoyed playing for us.”

Martin Bennett’s Old Green River Band - Gig on 14 June 2017
Maureen & John Carter: “A welcome back for Martin and his band with a slight personnel change.  Many blues numbers with that driving piano and bass beat.  Superb entertainment.”
Barry Prosser: “What a treat!  Great music and it came free!  Thoroughly enjoyable - lots of good old recognisable tunes and this band really grooves.”
Bridget Salmons: “Plenty of sound tonight!  Enjoyed the saxophone in particular.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “Nice selection of twenties tunes from a very taslented band.  Close your eyes and Workhouse Lake turned into a Louisiana bayou!”

Dave Martin’s Jabbo Five Gig on 31 May 2017
David & Bridget Salmons: “Enjoyed a more unusual selection of tunes & harmonies from this unique group.  A very pleasant evening.”
Diana & Brian Nutting: “Very good selection of music.  Very friendly & fun.”
Margaret & Jim Bevington: “Good band.  A bit different.  Nive to see Mike Snelling again.”
Maureen & John Carter: “A band new to Gosport but one or two faces that we recognised, especially our old friend Mike Snellingon Reeds.  An interesting evening of music  in the Armstrong Hot 5 style, including many unusual numbers from the Jabbo Smith repertoire.”
Malcolm & Maureen Swire and Veronica Walker: “New band to Gosport but only leader Dave Martin hasn’t played here before.  Five good musicians with an unusual line-up playing some unusual tunes.  Nice to hear the superb Clarinet playing of Mike Snelling again

John Maddocks’ Jazzmen - Gig on 17 May 2017
John & Brenda Bugg:
“A great Jazz band led by maestro John Maddocks,
Kept folk happier than ponies in paddocks,
When they play a tune, Audiences swoon’
And prove it’s true that trad rocks!”
Rex & Heidi Barker: “A great evening with a really valuable trip down through jazz history.”
Barry Prosser: “All members of the group are very good players in their own right and played well as a group.  Plenty of variety in the sets.  Thoroughly enjoyable.”
Barry, Bill Trish & Joy: “All the right notes in all the right places PLUS panache.”
Malcolm & Maureen Swire and Veronica Walker: “Great stuff as always from this superb band.  Very entertasining.  Seven excellent musicians who put their hearts into some great tunes, not all well known, and a good mix of tempo.”
Maureen & John Carte: “Another of our  favourite bands makes a welcome return to Gosport.  John and his jazzmen with a slight change of personnel - we welcome Andy Dickens depping for Pete Wilkinsonplaying a wide range of stomps, rags and blues.  Super evening’s entertainment.”
Tony Baily: “John as good as ever.  Nice to see Andy Dickens with him tonight.  Lovely rhythm section with Doug Kennedy on banjo & guitar.”

Roger Marks’ Cornish Armada - Gig on 3 May 2017
David & Bridget Salmons: “A great band.  Good variety of tunes and very presentable humour.  Look forward to next time.  Excellent evening.”
Pauline & John Bush: “A superb evening again - great musicians.”
Tony Baily: “Excellent band with humour.  Lovely drummer with a great voice.  See you aall next year.”
Malcolm & Maureen Swire: “Six superbly talented musicians plus some lovely gentle humour and great tunes.  Who could ask for more?  They very much deserved the standing ovation at the end.”
Jean Chase: “Full marks (Webmaster’s question - is a pun intended?) - nothing else to say.”
Maureen & John Carter: “A welcome return for this very popular West Country band.  One change in personnel from last time on the Banjo (Malcolm Hurrell).  The usual excellent evening’s entertainment of traditional jazz plus jokes!”
Andrew Gaisford & Tim King: “Good to see them back - great music and lovely jokes!  Bring back Jethro!”

Black Cat Jazz Band - first gig by this band at Gosport on 19 April 2017
Ron Norman: “Very good - a bit different, which was nice to hear.  Good evening.”
Roger Standen: “Very good band.  I liked the drummer - very good timing and excellent style.”
Maureen & John Carter: “A new band to us but several members have been seen before with other bands.  A very pleasant evening of 1920s t0 1930s traditional jazz including many lesser known and obscure numbers.”
Malcolm & Maureen Swire and Veronica Walker: “Great group of musicians who blended together so well and produced some lovely sounds.  Great front row and the back row weren’t far behind (just literally a couple of feet!).  Lots of different tunes so let’s have them back please.”
Jan & Peter Almond and Eric Butler: “We thought this band was very entertaining.  All very good musicians.  We would be more than happy to see them again.”

Panama Café Orchestra - first gig by this band at Gosport on 5 April 2017
New members Barbara Bell & Norman March: “Wonderful evening - nostalgia at its best and loved the humour and fun.”
Andrew Gaisford & Tim King: ”The most sartorially elegant band we’ve ever seen!  All round good music and entertainment, spliced with good humour and tasteful jokes.”
Peter & Jan Almond: “Great musicians, very, very entertaining!!  Book em again!!!”.
Dave & Anita Cairns and John Killian: “Professional, smart, polished, all-round excellent musicians and very entertaining.  Get them back at least ‘once a month’!!  Top class!”
Maureen & John Carter: “Very much in the Temperance 7 style, this band (new to us) was very well received with their arranged versions of 1920s-30s jazz classics and popular ‘novelty’ tunes.  Definitely the smartest dressed band we have seen!”
Hugh & Barbara Emsley and Richard and Ann Wilson: “Great band, entertaining and wonderful musicians- more please!”
Brian Maddock: “Bring them back soon.  Brilliant.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “Excellent evening.  Great orchestra with many good tunes, lots of great humour and fun - a hilarious evening.  We really appreciated the biographical notes - please encourage other bands to do likewise.”
Pauline & John Bush: “A wonderful evening of true jazz with excellent arrangements and musicianship.”

Baby Jools’ Jazzaholics - first gig by this band at Gosport on 22 March 2017
Pauline & John Bush: “Excellent Musicians playing true New Orleans trad jazz.”
Tony Baily: “A very good trad band with the best young drummer in the UK.  Excellent front line too.  Come back soon.”
Jan & Peter Almond: “We like to be entertained and this band certainly does that.  All good all-round musicians.  Please book them again.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “A highly competent band with the huge ability to emulate the sounds of original New Orleans trad.”
Andrew Gaisford & Tim King: “An excellent evening with some really ‘up-tempo’ tunes.  All band members on top form especially Jools on the drums - Lovely-jubbly!”
Veronica Walker and Maureen & Malcolm Swire: “Six excellent musicians, five new to the Club, certainly in the last six years.  Excellent lively evening with a varied repertoire.  Re-book them please.”
Tony Baily: “We have seen Baby Jools at Gosport several times depping on drums with with various bands but this was the first appearance of his own band.  Many of the superb musicians I know from other bands.  A terrific night of 1920s traditional jazz.”

Dave Stradwick’s Sussex Jazz Kings - Nat Gonella’s birthday commemoration gig on 8 March 2017
Tony Baily: “Dave and the Sussex Jazz Kingare always superb.  Looking forward to the Jazz Boat in July.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “A fitting tribute to a great gentleman of jazz, well played and sung with a good rendition using Nat’s famous old trumpet.”
Andrew Gaisford & Tim King: “A good mix of lovely tunes!  An excellent band to front up this tribute tonight.  We must have them back soon for a special eve.”
Maureen & John Carter: ”A welcome return of this popular South Coast band for Nat’s memorial night.  Many of Nat’s tunes plus marches, spirituals and blues.  A super night plus Nat’s trumpet on ‘Georgia’.”
Margaret Hicks: “ What an excellent night.  Well done Gosport Jazz Club.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “ Good selection of traditional jazz tunes.  Much enjoyed.  Also good drop of ‘fizz’, thanks”.
Maureen & Malcolm Swire: “A great evening’s entertainment by a favourite band with a good variety of tunes and styles.  They do play as though they are enjoying themselves as much as the audience.”
Pauline & John Bush: “Good tribute for Nat - happy memories.”

Digby Fairweather’s New Georgians -  a tribute to Nat Gonella - Gig on 22 February 2017
Tony Brotherwood: “Very good, great sound.  My type of music.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “We thought the tribute to Nat Gonella was the next session but, having said that, it was an enjoyable evening.  Excellent clarinet and trumpet duos with backing.”
David Fisher & Judy emms: “Five excellent instrumentalists and lovely stories.”
Carole Mort & Eddie Wotton: “Wow!  Brilliant doubly!”
Brenda & John Bugg: “Lovely evening reminiscing.  Perfect artists to give us, who never saw Nat live, a great feel for an English music legend.”
Tony Baily: “Well done Digby - Nat would be proud of you.  Long time since we last saw you at Gosport Football Club.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “A fitting tribute to the great Nat from a good line-up with Digby taking us through Nat’s life with amusing tales of his high days.”

The Sopranos (saxophones) - Chris Pearce & Andy Leggett - Gig on 8 February 2017
David & Bridget Salmons: “Brilliant evening - worth trailing down the M27 for!  Selection of tunes all good - David liked the slower tunes - all good for me.”
Jan & Peter Almond: “Very good musicians, entertaining and consistently good tunes.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “The band maintained the consistently high standard of the Club by providing another first class performance.”
Veronica Walker & Malcolm Swire: “Great band.  Lovely trombone and all the rest.  We definitely enjoy the bands without trumpet.”
Richard & Ann Wilson plus guest: “Brilliant - such energy.  Great music.”
Maureen & John Carter: “A welcome return to the two multiple reeds players, Chris & Andy, plus the talented Dave Deakin on trombone.  As befits their name, much Bechet music was in their repertoire.  A very enjoyable evening was had by all!”
Ron Norman: “Very, very good.  Excellent musicians and good entertainment.”
Jean Petty & Jean Chase: “ Very good band.  We liked them very much.”

New Orleans Jazz Bandits (successors to Colin Kingwell’s Jazz Bandits) - Gig on 25 January 2017
Roger Standen: “A brilliant New Orleans style jazz band.”
Pauline & John Bush: “An excellent evening of great New Orleans jazz - the Bandits excelled.”
Ron Norman: “Very good.  Excellent entertainment.  Pity no jokes!”
Dave, John, Sue & Vic: “Excellent even without the jokes!”
Tony Baily: “Nice to see the band back at the Club but without Colin.  Very good trad jazz and with Malcolm’s vocals.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “A highly professional outfit with a polished sound and gifted vocalists. Studio quality!”
Malcolm Swire: “Nice to see the Bandits again, even without Colin and his jokes.  Good also to have the return of Allen Beechey on trumpet after a gap of nearly 7 years.  An excellent evening’s jazz.”

Brian White’s ‘King Jazz’ led by Goff Dubber -  Brian’s tribute to Sidney Bechet & Mes Mezzrow (was to have been led by Brian White who we are sorry to say is unwell) - Gig on 11 January 2017.
Jill Bater & Eddie Cozens: “Great band, great night - hope they will come again.”
Pauline & John Bush: “A superb start to 2017.  An excellent group of ‘great musicians’.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “Good music and vocals and humour!.  Sorry to hear about Brian (white).”
John & Brenda Bugg and Joyce Cooke: “Despite the terrible event that has overtaken Brian (White), Goff decided the show must go on though he probably missed Brian more than most, being intuitive together.  Roger (Myerscough) gave good value in a difficult role and the band swung, giving us a wonderful evening and a reminder that Brian always gave us great music.”
Jan & Peter Almond and Malcolm Swire: “What a terrific band to start the New Year!!  All good musicians and a good variety of tune.  Book them again.”
Diana & Brian Nutting: “Good lively band.  The keyboard solo was terrific.”
Tony Baily: “A great bunch playing hot jazz.  We look forward to your return.”
Lesley & Roger Lygoe and guest Ashley Morgan: “Particularly enjoyed the upbeat music.  Altogether a good evening.  Look forward to your next visit.”
Maureen & John Cater: “What a super sound - Goff Dubber on soprano sax and Roger Myerscough (depping for Brian White) on baritone sax.  Then the two of them on clarinets playing Sweet Georgia Brown was marvellous.  Plus Graham Barton playing boogie-woogie was a wonderful bonus.”

Chris Walker and Colin Larn’s Deep South Gospel Show with The Deep South Hot 5 - Christmas Supper gig on 14 December 2016:
Tony Baily: “Excellent way to end the jazz year.  We are so lucky to have this superb Club.  See you soon Chris.”
John & Vivienne Buffery: “Great band, good choice for Christmas.  Book again for 2017.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “Lovely music, good company, great fun.  Looking forward to the New Year.  Thank you the caterers the bar staff and the Committee.”
Pauline & John Bush: “An excellent evening with clever adaptations to deep south music.”
Judith Chamberlain (guest of Jean Chase): “First visit to the Club.  Very impressed.  Will be back I hope.”

Harry Strutter’s Jive and Swing - Gig on 7 December 2016
David Fisher & Judy Emms: “Excellent band - versatile, very good musicians.  Lovely choice of music.  Very good singer.”
Hugh & Barbara Emsley: “Super band and an excellent singer.  A most enjoyable evening.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “Marlene made a great contribution to the evening’s music with her singing.  A good selection of well known song.  Enjoyed the flute.  A bit loud for this small venue.”
Maureen & John Carter: “Our regular annual visit from this lively band.  A good range of traditional jazz tunes including many blues numbers by the excellent vocalist, Marlene Hill.”
Roger Standen: “Very good jazz band.  Brilliant Pianist.”
Peter Almond, Veronica Walker & Bob Pringle: Brilliant singer!  Great musicians.  Very entertaining.”
Nick Anderson and Carole Mort & Eddie Wotton: “A highly professional and polished performance by one of the best South coast outfits.  Brilliant as always.”

Sunset Café Stompers - Gig on 23 November 2016
Margaret & Jim Bevington: “Very entertaining - good variety.”
Nancy Wilson (new member), Pauline & Liz Heal (guests): “An excellent evening - really enjoyed Sunset Café Stompers.  Brought two friends - they loved them too - a great evening.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “Superb authentic rendition of some famous New Orleans jazz and blues numbers.”
Roger Standen: “Very good jazz band.  Brilliant pianist.”
Mike & Val Bucknole (guests): “More Stomping and Jelly Roll please!  Great evening, great band!
Brian Maddock, Ann & Richard Wilson: “Very entertaining.  Excellent programme.”
Jan & Pete, Maureen & Malcolm and Veronica: “Wow!! Great tunes, great musicians! Great fun.”
Maureen & John Carter: “A welcome return for this ever popular SW band.  One change of personnel from last time with Trevor Whiting for Mike Betts on reeds.  Seven excellent musicians all ably abetted by vocalist Hamish Maxwell from the Ropemakers at Bridport.  Superb.”

Charlestown Jazz Band from Holland - Gig on 9 November 2016
Tony Baily: “A real Dutch treat.  Very entertaining band.  Come again next year.”
Bridget & David Salmons: “Wonderful band, great music and humour - lovely sounds - hope they can come back again.  Brilliant evening.”
Pauline & John Bush: “The North Sea Jazz Festival in Gosport!!  Brilliant treat.”
Veronica Walker & Malcolm Swire “Great mix of styles - great entertainment with interesting arrangements.  Very lively and humorous.  Come again please.”
Jean Chase & Jean Petty: “On fire!  More, more. Such fun!”
Brenda & John Bugg: “Dispersing our Trump blues (it was the day after the US election), playing everything from Ellington to Morton, via Glenn Miller and LLouis Jordan, these boys prove that good music is truly international and unites us all.”
Jim Bevington: “Bit different.  Interesting arrangements.  Good band.”
Diana & Brian Nutting: “Very lively group.  Bought CD - nearly danced!”
John & Maureen Carter: “What a super band!  All the way from Holland, playing a lively mixture of classic traditional numbers, especially Ellington arrangements, and much Dutch humour.  Wonderful entertainment.”
Jan & Peter Almond: “Fabulous.  Loved the trombone and the rest of them as well.  Bring them back please.”

Kevin Grenfell’s Jazz Giants - Gig on 26 October 2016
Jim & Margaret Bevington: “Lots of good vocals as well as good instrumentalists.  Very enjoyable evening.”
David & Judy and Alvis: “A really good evening.  Love your style.”
John & Maureen Carter: “A welcome return by Kevin and his ‘Giants’.  Several personnel changes from last year, including the excellent Jeremy Hugget on reeds.  A multi-instrument front line plus fantastic rhythm section.  Super evening’s entertainment.”
Andrew Gaisford & Tim King: “Very good music and entertainment.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “Great humour made a delightful evening.  Music great with wide variety.”
Gill Skinner & Marion Lance: “Very pleasant lively evening - good choice of group.”
Tony Baily: “A super band, full of top flight players playing great mainstream jazz.”

Martin Bennett’s Old Green River Band - Gig on 12 October 2016
Diana & Brian Nutting: “Plenty of interesting numbers you don’t hear often.”
Nick & Heather Anderson, Carole Mort & Eddie Wotton: “An entertaining band with the emphasis on blues in the very best style.”
Jim & Margaret Bevington: “Relaxing evening with some unusual songs.”
Ron Norman: “Good evening’s entertainment.”
John Carter: “What a band Martin leads!  Plus a bonus, a welcome return of Chez Chesterman on trumpet.  Many blues numbers with the driving piano and bass combination.  Super evening’s entertainment.”
Jean Chase (on her birthday): “That’s entertainment!”

FB Pocket Orchestra - Gig on 28 September 2016
John Carter: “Welcome return of this versatile trio.  Three young musicians who play a total of nine instruments between them.  Playing a range of US popular music of the 1920s and 30s - ragtime, gospel, blues, etc.”
Pauline & John Bush: “Very enjoyable evening with excellent varied instruments & great musicianship.”
Judy Emms & David Fisher: “Great variety of songs and music types.”
Malcolm & Maureen Swire: “Wonderful presentation of the 19203 and 30s genre.  Great musicians & versatility.”
Trish, Joy, Yvonne Barry & Bill: “Talented, entertaining- again next year please!”
Jan & Peter Almond & Veronica Walker: “Absolutely fantastic band.  Wonderful singer.  All good musicians.  Book them again!! Please!!”

Reeds United - Gig on 14 September 2016
Nick & Heather Anderson, Carole Mort & Eddie Wotton: “A stunningly energetic performance from the band with the clarinet duet of John Maddocks and George Huxley particularly on form.  Brilliant band,”
Roger Standen: “A brilliant jazz band.  Very entertaining.  Fantastic saxophonist!”
Jim & Margaret Bevington: “Double bass player, John Fellows, enjoyed playing and not surprising with two such clarinet players as John Maddocks & George Huxley.”
Peter Almond, Eric Butler & Veronica Walker: “Great sound, great musicians - very entertaining.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “We loved the clarinet duets.  Wonderful clarinet playing and the sax’s - good evening’s music.”
Maureen & John Carter: “A ‘new band to us but made up of all well-known band members!  Very ably led by John Maddocks & George Huxley both on clarinet, soprano and alto saxs each.  Superb!”
John Killian, Dave & Anita Cairns and Sue & Vic Pheasant: “Terrific!  Let’s have them back.”

Jeff Barnhart Quartet - Gig on 7 September 2016
Judy Emms: “Superb.  Entertaining evening - witty jokes!”
John & Maureen Carter: “A welcome return to this fantastic group, this time with the addition of Spats Langham on banjo.  A very enjoyable evening of 1920s and 1930s pop tunes and music from the shows.”
John & Brenda Bugg:
“Sweet and hot, hot and sweet, playing music right up our street,
Old under-used numbers, all a treat, lovely entertainment - satisfaction complete.”
Alan & Barbara Spurling (guests): “We saw these artists at Pershore Jazz Festival.  Not disappointed.  Superb evening’s entertainment.”
Margaret & Jim Bevington: “Good mixture of well known and not so well known songs.  Three good vocalists.”
Andrew Gaisford & Tim King: “A wonderful treat to have them back.  Very good again.  Thanks Chris & Vicky for hosting them.”
Reg Norton: “Unusual liner-up.  Very distinctive singing voices.  Excellent musicians.  Enjoyed whole gig.”
Tony Baily: “A very nice change to see Jeff, Ann and especially Spats Langham - what player!”
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Savannah Jazz Band - Gig on 31 August 2016
Roger & Lesley Lygoe and Ashley Morgan: “A very good mix of jazz & blues.  Great humour and musicianship.”
Jan & Peter Almond, Veronica Walker & Eric Butler: “A wonderful band.  All good musicians, entertaining and lots of humour.  Let’s have them again.”
Roger & Margaret Standen: “Very good band - excellent  entertainment.  Please book them again.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “Excellent evening - great music &, of course, not forgetting the humour.”
Jean Chase & Jean Petty: “On fire!  We like them hot!!”
John & Brenda Bugg: “If the two Jeans (see previous review) next to us are tapping their feet, it’s a good band.  Tonight they caused cracks in the floor!  These Yorkshire lads are just our our cup of tea!”
Pauline Bush: “Great band, enjoyed the vocals and added mouth-organ.  All very enjoyable.”
Ron Norman: “Excellent Band - very entertaining evening.  Have them back soon.”

Pedigree Jazz Band - Gig on 17 August 2016
Jean Petty & Jean Chase: “Once again a good night.  Nice to see Chris Walker.”
Maureen & John Carter: ”A welcome return of this popular band with ther take on the ‘pop trad’ jazz of the late 1950s/early 1960s, of Barber, Bilk and Bal.  A wonderful evening of nostalgia for those of a certain age.”
Alan & Deidre Wayman (guests): “Very entertaining band.  Particularly liked Chris Walker’s  intros - and jokes!”
Barry Lomas, Trish Emm & Bill Morgan: “Crisp trad jazz with plenty of oopmh.”
John Killian, Dave & Anita Cairns & Sue & Vic Pheasant: “Good variety - very entertaining.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “Great Band,  We loved all the ‘old’ tunes and songs.  reminds us of our college days of 1950s & 60s.”
Diana & Brian Nutting: “An excellent selection of well known tunes.  Quite a bit of fun.”
John& Brenda Bugg: “Great toe-tapping band from the onset!  Sponsored by a brewery  cos they play so many hops, the Pedigree, Chum, does what it says on the tin.  Jazzband!  Special mention for Tony Mann, jack of all trades, master of all.”

Brian Carrick’s Algiers Stompers - Gig on 3 August 2016
Pauline & John Bush: “An exceptional group - the best !!  True New Orleans Music.”
Ron Norman: “Excellent band, great musicians - let’s have them back.”
Roger & Lesley Lygoe: “Very good mix of Blues and New Orleans Jazz.  Super Band.”
Tony Baily: “So nice to see Brian (Carrick) at the Club.  What a wonderful jazz singer and reed player, especially on George Lewis’s clarinet.  Please come again.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “Great band with individual instrumentalists and vocalists.”
Maureen & John Carter: “What a fantastic band!  Right from the off with a driving boogie beat from Andrew on the piano and lots of gospel and spiritual blues numbers.  Led by Brian on clarinet and tenor sax and vocals.”
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New Orleans Heat - Gig on 20 July 2016
Reg Norton: “One of the best bands this season.  Absolutely excellent, especially the clarinetist.”
Bunty Brindley & Rita Crowe: “Excellent!! Very enjoyable evening.”
Maureen & John Carter: “Super evening!  With Barry Grummett, literally leading from the front on piano with that driving left hand ‘boogie beat’.  Fantastic!”
Tony Baily: “Great to see a seven-piece band at the Club.  All good players.”
Roger & Margaret Standen: “Excellent New Orleans band.  Very good trombone player.  Excellent Drummer.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “Seven talented individuals combined with well-oiled efficiency for a solid display of real New Orleans-style delights. Lovely combination of band and piano behind vocals and solos, with respect and felling behind the lyrics.  Great!”
Bob Pringle: “One of the best bands I’ve heard since coming to the Club.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “Great vitality and zest from the group.  We liked the piano being on this side (the right hand side).  Excellent Band.”
Jill Bater: “Great group. Hope they will came back again.”
John Ward & Dave Morgan: “This is such a good, versatile group and we must surely have them back.  Their skills of playing are first class.”

Ron Rumbol’s Excelsior Vintage Jazz Band - Gig on 6 July 2016
New members John & Lynn Wallis thought it was : “Brilliant.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “A consistently good band playing at their best with the inimitable Cuff Billett playing and singing the blues in fine form.”
Joy Cox: “Enjoyed a good, relaxing evening - they always present numbers from way back.”
Jan & Peter Almond: “Good sound - all excellent musicians.”
Maureen & John Carter: “Another of our old favourite bands - Ron Rumbol and the Excelsior Vintage.  This time with 2 deps. - John Hall on drums and Ian Parry on bass playing many of the jazz classic.  Very enjoyable evening.”
Andrew Gaisford & Tim King: “Sweetie Pie were a hard act to follow, with the euphoria that ensued but a very good effort with two last minute stand-ins.  A good selection and variety of music (shame about the low attendance (Webmaster’s note: probably due to the Wales vs Portugal European Cup semi-final on the same time). It was all rather lovely really.”

‘Sweetie Pie’ led by Janice Day - Gig on 22 June 2016
Ron Norman & Roy Dyer: “Great evening.  Excellent musicians and amusing singer.  Let’s have them back soon.”
Bunty Brindley & Rita Crowe: “Brilliant show.  Loved the singing.”
Tamsyn Smith & Reg Norton: “Excellent! I would have this for my wedding.  Best band so far with the wonderful Janice.  Every musician was the best in their field.”
Jim & Margaret Bevington: “Wonderful Combination.  Janice Day is a sweetie.”
Maureen & John Carter: “Four excellent instrumentalists plus Janice Day.  What more can I say?  Fantastic!”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “ A truly talented band of the highest degree, gracing the Club by their presence.”
Tony Baily: “A show you must see at least once a year - top flight.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “Great talent.  Delighted by the solo sessions as well as the whole group.”
Paul & Anne McNab and Jill & Geoff Dobson: “Great musicians and very entertaining.”
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Dennis Armstrong’s Bristol Blue Five plus Two - Gig on 8 June 2016
Jean Petty: “Very Good Band. Hope Dennis is better.” (Webmaster’s note - Dennis had a heart problem which prevented him playing the gig but the good news is that he is recovering well and will be playing again very soon.)
Roger & Lesley Lygoe: “A good evening - enjoyed the combo and some very different tunes.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “A talented band in the rare category of staying loyal to the original jazz sounds of twenties New Orleans.  Truly authentic.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “Good variety of tunes - enjoyed the support from the back row.  Very pleasant evening.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “Transporting us to our jazz roots, ably led by Steve on Crystal Quality Cornet, we give honourable mentions to pianist Phil and the quavering Ted Lewis-like reeds of Phil (no. 2).”
Peter & Jan Almond: “Great group - very lively, very musical.  Thoroughly enjoyable.”

Our very own Chris Newman and his Georgia Ramblers with Julie Horton - Gig on 25 May 2016.
David & Bridget Salmons: “Good selection of tunes - enjoyed ‘Mr Nimble Fingers’ and nice to see Julie again.”
Jean Petty & Jean Chase: “As always very entertaining evening.”
Tamsyn Smith (Ron’s guest): “Julie Horton - voice like crystal, absolutely beautiful.  Chris and the Ramblers were amazing.  Fantastic evening of the best live music can offer.“ and Ron Norton: “I agree with Tamsyn’s comments.  I’ve always been a fan of the piano player.”
Pauline & John Bush: “Lovely 20’s music.”
Jim & Margaret Bevington and Alvis Phillips: “Liked Chris Newman’s commentaries, although Julie Horton has a better smile and can sing!”
Carole Mort & Eddie Wotton: “Brilliant Band.”
John Carter: “Our very own Chris Newman with the usual team of Pete, Derek & Dave (unfortunately no Chris Gower) playing hits from the American song book of the 1920s - most well known, some less so.  All ably supported by Julie Horton’s vocals.  Very enjoyable.”
Tony Brotherwood: “Great music. Thank you.”
And last but not least a limerick from John & Brenda Bugg:
“Professorial pianist Chris Newman
Plays jazz nigh-on superhuman.
His arpeggios and cadenzas
so solid they send us
And his band syncopates nicely too, man.”

Tiger Tim Eyles’ Ragamuffins - Gig on 11 May 2015
Trish Emm & Joy Cox: “As always - a great band with great jokes.”
Barry Lomas & Yvonne Newlove: “Usual good performance sprinkled liberally with mixed bag of jokes.”
Jan & Peter Almond: “Fantastic fun, fabulous musicians.  Loved the clarinetist.  Bring ‘em back!!.  Oh and loved the jokes,”
Andrew Gaisford & Tim King: “Usual array of good music & terrible jokes, well mixed together.”
Maureen & John Carter: “A welcome return of this very popular band.  Tim on fine form on bugle & old jokes & a few new ones!  Excellent evening’s entertainment.  One new member - Mike (Deighan) on guitar.”
Ron Norman & Roy Dyer: “Very entertaining evening.  Good Music, good joke(?).  Hope to have them back soon.”
Finally from John & Brenda Bugg, in verse:
A great jazz band led by Tim Eyles, Was much favoured by keen jazzophiles,
Tim played trumpet and flugel, And, if asked, one number on bugle,
Bringing old sweats” to attention for miles.”
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John Maddocks’ Jazzmen - Gig on 27 April 2016
Jean Chase and Jean Petty: “A most enjoyable evening of variety.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “John Maddocks Band: Feted!  Audience: Elated!  Result: Sated!”
Heather & Nick Anderson: “The band tonight were fully on-form, playing in the style that long-term members have been accustomed to, plus the added bonus of Baby Jules.”
Andrew Gaisford & Tim King: “This band seems to get better very time they come.  Star quality.”
Maureen & John Carter: “A welcome return from John and his band, enhanced by the addition of two deps. - Graham Hughes on trombone & Baby Jules on drums, who  between them lowered the average age by several centuries!”
Gill Skinner, Marion Lance & Doreen Pladdys: “Lively, varied rhythm.”
Roger Standen: “Very good band.  Excellent drummer and trombonist.”

Cuff Billett’s New Europa Jazz Band - Gig on 13 April 2016
Joy Cox: “Good, interesting performance, as always.  Great to hear some ‘different’ tunes.  Well done!”
Andrew Gaisford & Tim King: “Another sure-footed gig from a well-loved band with strength in all members.  A good smattering of well-known numbers.  Vocalists seemed a bit faint in the amplification system!” Webmaster’s note - But they were OK when they switched on the microphone!
Tony Brotherwood: “Played good, popular stuff with enthusiasm.”
Veronica Walker & Betty Archer: “Really enjoyed the evening!”
John & Brenda Bugg: “A band led by Cuff Billett?
Can they play a tune, not dropping a note?  Won’t Spill it.
Can they give an evening’s entertainment?  They fill it.
Can they nail a tune?  They kill it.”
Jean Chase: “I was really looking forward to this evening and Cuff & Co. certainly did not disappoint.  My thanks.”

Blue River Jazz Band & Sweet Silver Vocal Trio from Holland - Gig on 30 March 2016
Nick & Heather Anderson: “At last a band faithfully reflecting the original sounds of jazz with a harmonic trio who performed as ‘sweet adelines’ flawlessly.”
Jan & Peter Almond: “Fantastic Band, good sound and very professional musicians.  We loved the girl singers, very versatile.”
Maureen & John Carter: “A welcome return to Gosport by Robert Duis - this time with his ‘small’ band plus the bonus of the all-girl trio 'Sweet Silver'.  A very enjoyable evening of arranged classic jazz.”
Phylis Holroyd, Jill Bater and June & John Curtis: “Great jazz band and the singers were a fantastic plus.”
Andrew Gaisford & Tim King: “A lovely evening!  Great addition to the band to have lovely singers - viva Sweet Silver.”
Reg Norton: “What not to like!  It really raised my spirits - and Sweet Silver were a great bonus for the evening.”
Barry Lomas, Trish Emm, Bill Morgan and Yvonne Newlove: “Very different band.  Excellent harmony singers and loved them going round the tables to sing individually to a few people at a time.”
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Mike Lovell’s Six-in-a-Bar - Gig on 16 March 2016
Beklinda Maddock and Richard & Ann Wilson: “Love the striped jackets.  Great music.  Good variety of singing voices.  Good programme.  Bring them back.”
Tony Brotherwood: “Very good.  Great sound.  Versatile, great music.”
Jim & Margaret Bevington: “Must book them again.  Exciting Band.”
Pauline & John Bush: “Fantastic nostalgia.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “Great music.  Lovely clear vocals and really enjoyed the variety of tunes.”
Ron Norman & Roy Dyer: “Something different- but great sound and musicianship.  Very good evening. Let’s have them back - soon!!”
Brenda & John Bugg: “Lovely authentic ‘20s and ‘30s jazz, superbly played.  Special plaudits to Chris (Howes) for his period vocals and art-deco music stand and Andy (Henderson) for his staccato cornet bursts and Dorsey style circular breathing.  Appropriately for Budget day, Willy (Entwistle) ensured there was some mesmeric fiddling!”
Barry, Trish, Billy & Angela: “Very different and good to listen to, especially the third half!”

Roger Marks’ Cornish Armada - Gig on 2 March 2016 - Nat Gonella’s birthday tribute evening.
Jean Petty: “A good night for Nat’s birthday.”
Chris Wells: “Razor sharp - top evening spent with six stars.  Good jokes too!”
John Ward: “The band did Nat proud.  Playing his ‘SPECIAL’ tunes with accompanying jokes, the skill of all the players made this a great night.”
Maureen & John Carter: ”Superb performance from this brilliant band.  Especially Graham (Trevarton) on Nat’s trumpet.”
Tony Brotherwood: “Brilliant.  More please.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “Ratings: Did they win the audience over?  Won!  Did they play as an integrated unit?  One!  Did the audience enjoy them?  Done!  Any complaints? Nun - er we mean none!  Overall impression?  Fun!  Nat’s horn suited Graham a ton!!!”
Sue & Vic Pheasant, Anita & Dave Cairns and John KIllian: “Fantastic Innit!!  Keep it like this.”
Jan & Peter Almond: “Brilliant entertaining band.”

Bob Dwyer’s Bix and Pieces - Gig on 17 February 2016
Anita & David Cairns, John Killian, Vic & Sue Pheasant: “T’riffic!!! Innit.”
Ron Norman: “Great band, great beat, great musicians.  Come back soon.”
Chris Wells: “All seven are brilliant, energetic musicians who entertained us to great effect.  A wonderful winter’s evening.  Thank you.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “Excellent evening.  Good variety & tunes, instruments and music.”
John Ward, daughter Angela & grandaughter Clare: “First half was very entertaining, a wonderful variety of songs & music - 10+.  Second half a continuation of wonderful music.  A really great band and very entertaining - 10++.”
Tony Brotherwood: “Very good,  Versatile. Entertaining.”
Brian May, Sandra Harman, Gill & Brian:  “Very versatlie. We all loved the harmonica.”
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Colin Kingwell’s Jazz Bandits - Gig on 3 February 2016 - Sadly this was probably the last time, after many great performances,  we will see Colin as he announced his retirement after 60 years of providing wonderful entertainment.
Jim & Margaret Bevington: “Many tunes we had not heard before.  Excellent.  Especially singer/reeds player (John Laws).”
John & Maureen Carter: “With three ‘new’ members since this band last performed at Gosport - Cuff Billett, John Laws & Doug Kennedy - they really went down a storm.  Excellent evening’s entertainment.”
Ann Wilson: “Great lively music,  Great tunes.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “Good variety of tunes.  Good jokes too!”
Sue & Vic Pheasant, Dave & Anita Cairns and John Killian: “Brilliant Trad Jazz!! (Proper job!)”
Jan & Peter Almond: “Once again six excellent musicians.  A real pleasure to listen to all of them, both individually and as a band.”
Jean Chase & Jean Petty: “A great evening of course.  Went home rejoicing!  All the very best to Colin (on his retirement).”

Andy Leggett & Chris Pearce - The Sopranos - Gig on 20 January 2016
Ron Norman & Roy Dyer: “Excellent musicians and very entertaining.  Special mention for the Trombonist (Dave Deakin) - very good.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “A refreshingly different and talented band and a good discovery by the Club and a bold initiative that has certainly succeeded.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “not your usual six-piece, with two reeds, but a nice repertoire from Arlo Guthrie to Zutty Singleton.  The rhythm section did ‘gentle’ and ‘hard’ swing with equal facility, and the band’s youth section in the shape of trombonist Dave Deakin a nice deep resonance. Different but class.”
Maureen & John Carter: “Considerable change of personnel since the last visit with new drummer & double bass players plus the welcome addition of a young trombonist to the undoubted talents of Chis & Andy on six reeds between them.  Superb!”
Jean Chase: “Somewhat different and a pleasure to listen to.”
Peter & Jan Almond: “a fantastic all-round group of muscians playing a great varied selection of tunes.  Please book them again.”

Graham Collicott’s Hershey & the Hep Cats - Gig on 6 January 2016
Marion Lance, Gill Skinner & Doreen Pladdys: “Very interesting & entertaining evening - enjoyed the pleasant slow numbers as a nice change.”
Vic & Sue Pheasant and John Killian: “Very enjoyable.”
Carole Mort & Eddie Wotton: “Brilliant band.”
Chris Wells: “An excellent performance & set of musicians - just what we needed in early January.  Thank you.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “We were getting withdrawal symptoms from a lack of jazz and this was the perfect antidote!  Five great musicians (graham knows a bit about class) and you always go home elated from a ‘fix’ of Andy Dickens!  Throw in a bit of terpsichorean exhibition by Jill and Graham and it’s a cure for post-Christmas blues.”
Malcolm Swire: “A very entertaining performance by a band that is new to Gosport.  More rhythm performances from the combined back row than we normally get - Doug Kennedy excelled - but it was very enjoyable.”
Philip J Wilson: “An evening of fun.  Fabulously played jazz by a group of multi-talented artists who love what they do.  A superb night and a band fully recommended to see again.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “A very professional and competent band fronted by well known local trumpeter Andy Dickens.  A band with a definite future and a good choice to kick off the New Year.”
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Dave Stradwick’s Sussex Jazz Kings entertained the Club with an excellent gig at our Christmas Party on 15 December but, to give members a night off, no reviews were requested - the Band were superb as always.

Pedigree Jazz Band - Gig on 9 December 2015
Nick & Heather Anderson: “An original format of a trad jazz band who included some of the best known numbers of the last century with tributes to the best known British musicians.”
Tone Baily: “A superb evening of British Trad Jazz.  The band can come again.”
Carole Mort & Eddie Wotton: “Brilliant!”
Jean Chase & Jean Petty: “Another great evening of entertainment - 10/10!”
Joy Cox, Trish Emm, Yvonne Newlove & Barry Lomas: “Fantastic!  Well done the Pedigree Chums.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “Attired as though just arriving from Henley Regatta.  With a repertoire from Rossini to Irving Berlin, via Kurt Weill, The Pedigree Band were swinging from the first number.  They made themselves even more popular by donating a six-pack to the raffle.  Cone again please boys.”
Reg Norton: “More! More!  Thoroughly enjoyed the evening not least because Chris Barber and Ken Colyer were resident at my first jazz club, the Hot Club of London (in Woolwich).  Great!”
Jan & Peter Almond: “A very entertaining and traditional band.  Really enjoyed and how smart they all looked.”

Kevin Grenfell’s Giants of Jazz - Gig on 25 November 2015
Mary Young: “Something different - very entertaining.”
Paul & Anne McNab:  “An excellent group led by Kevin, who has a great sense of humour.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “So sartorially elegant that they made the rest of us look shabby, Kevin’s boys were similarly audibly immaculate, especially Kevin’s vocals.  Despite having Manfred Mann’s bassist, they refused all requests for ‘5-4-3-2-1’ however.”
Trish Emm & Joy Cox: “Good singing, great interaction with the audience and excellent playing.  Very enjoyable evening.”
Maureen & John Carter: - “Another superb performance from this very popular band. With the two-man front line, with five instruments between them and the driving rhythm section of piano, bass guitar and Graham Smith on drums.”
Chris Wells: “Excellent musicians and entertainers.  Professional, smart and sharp.”
Reg Norton: “Very entertaining evening.  Enjoyed the whole programme but especially liked the Rod Kelly trio (the rhythm section).”
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Harry Strutters Jive & Swing - Gig on 11 November 2015
No reviews unfortunately but a great gig which introduced vocalist Marlene Hill originally from Pittsburg, USA.  See the photos.

Excelsior Vintage Jazz - Gig on 28 October 2015
Roger Standen: “Very Good band.  Entertaining jazz.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “A consistently good band with the added bonus of Cuff Billett who remains timeless.”
Trish, Barry, Yvonne, Bill & Joy: “Interesting - played some numbers which we don’t hear often.  Lively & varied!”
Jean Petty & Mary Fletcher: “As good as ever.”
Ron Norman & Roy Dyer: “Very entertaining evening - have them again.”}
Maureen & John Carter: “Usual enjoyable performance from this bunch of old friends.”
Tony Baily: “Very good trad band, lovely New Orleans drummer.  Nice to see Cuff leading the line,”

Sunset Café Stompers - Gig on 14 October 2015
Norman & Chris Beckett: “Good to hear some different tunes.  we enjoyed Hamish (Maxwell - Vocalist) as well - love to see him come back next time.”
Ron Norman & Roy Dyer: “Good night’s entertainment.  Very good band - the singer was also very good.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “A good mix of trad jazz, blues and ragtime by a talented and popular band.”
June & Sue: “Excellent music.  Fantastic piano.”
Jean Chase & Jean Petty: “Loved the repertoire.  Loved the band - more please.”
Jim & Margaret Bevington: “Excellent musicians all, led by Mike Denham on piano.”
Tony Baily: ”Very good show with excellent guest singer.  Always something new with this band.  Dorset’s finest,”

‘Tiger’ Tim Eyles’ Ragamuffins- Gig on 30 September 2015
Brian & Belinda Maddock: “Very entertaining as always.  One new joke.”
Peter Almond: ”Very, very, entertaining.”
Tim King & Andrew Gaisford: "Another Excellent evening from a much loved band.  Feels as if I am aging with them!  Colin Bryant a great bonus.  Heard some of the jokes before!  Good all round entertainment & musicianship.”
Roger Standen: “Brilliant Band, fantastic trumpet.”
Angela & Colin Savage (guests): “Great music and humour - a wonderful evening.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “The sound of a Sousaphone and a Banjo already had us won over - a proper jazz band!  But Tiger Tim has bite and the rest of the band refused to let us off without a mauling either.  Bugle Boy March deserved a standing ovation.”
Tony Baily: “Always great to see Tim and the band plus bugle and new jokes.  Looking forward to seeing you next year.  All the best for your new life in Norfolk.”
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Martin Bennett’s Old Green River Band - Gig on 16 September 2015
June & John Curtis and Mary Young: “Excellent.  Loved the sax.  Come back soon.”
Alexander & Anders Lantz: “Great selection of music.  Very talented musicians; I must especially point out the sax player who was fantastic!”
Tony Baily: “Always great to see Martin and the band back at the Club.  Great to see Richard on trumpet.  Super reeds player.  Come back soon”
Brian and Belinda Maddock: “Very entertaining.”
Maureen & John Carter: “One of our old favourite bands, this time with the added bonus of Martin’s son Richard on trumpet!  Another excellent evening’s entertainment.”

Jeff Barnhart Quartet (Jeff and his wife Anne are from the USA) - Gig on 9 Sept 2015
There were far too many reviews returned to include them all - the following is a selection.
Maureen Swire: “Excellent in every way.”
Tony Brotherwood: “Loved every minute of it.”
John & Brenda Bugg: “The audiences of two continents can’t be wrong.  Lots of lovely rolling base piano lines, hot reeds from Anne & John, measured and suitably rhythmic percussion from Nick. Humour aplenty in Jeff’s asides and playing.  Feel good?  Yes!"
Joy Cox: ”Enjoyed their varied programme - interesting and well presented.”
Maureen & John Carter: “Another enjoyable change from the usual 6-piece traditional line-up.  And what superb musicians on piano, flute, reeds and drums.  Super evening’s entertainment.”
Gill Skinner & Marion Lance: “A thoroughly entertaining evening - very talented group who would be welcome for a return gig in the future.”
Andrew Gaisford and Tim King: “Great band - wished they had been on a regular night as so many missed out on a great sound and real talent.  Loved the way they speeded up the pace when the dancers started.” 

FB Pocket Orchestra - Gig on 2 September 2015
Jim & Margaret Bevington: “Remarkable group of real talent.  Jenny showed a remarkable range and voice quality.  Paul matches Spats Langham on banjo and guitar.  Overall superb.”
Rita Crowe & Bunty Brindley: “Unusual.  Lovely singing.”
Roger & Margaret Standen: “Refreshing style of band.  Enjoyed it.”
Alexandra Lantz: “This band is absolutely fantastic!!  Why have we never seen or heard of them before??  Anyway, they are all so talented and we love them - they must come back!! Sooon!!!”
Ron Norman & Roy Dyer: “Very entertaining - different but good.  Let’s see them again
Jean Chase & Jean Petty: “Different and most impressive.  Come again!”
John & Brenda Bugg: “Considering they were just a trio, we heard eight instruments(plus vocals) played very much in the correct style of the era of the tunes.  Excellent musicianship plus superb humorous or stylish vocals from Jenny.  Very different and very enjoyable.”
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Savannah Jazz Band - Gig on 19 August 2015
Again there were far too many reviews returned to include them all - the following is a selection.
Ron Norman & Roy Dyer: “Excellent musicians - especially the trombone.  Very enjoyable evening - let’s have them again soon!!!”
John Carter: “This very popular band returns to Gosport after too long a break!  Excellent evening’s entertainment.  The front line boosted by John Maddocks depping on clarinet plus a superb rhythm section.  Brilliant!”
Roger & Margaret Standen: “Excellent band.  Brilliant trombonist.  The whole band was fantastic.  Please book band again.”
Sue Pheasant and Anita & David Cairns: “GREAT!”
Jean Chase & Jean Petty: “On fire!  More ...”
Veronica Walker: “Enjoyed - worth getting wet for!”
Jim & Margaret Bevington: ”Excellent and very entertaining.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “How this band make the instruments dance is quite amazing.  Great group - have them back any time.  Very entertaining leader.”

Brian White’s French Quarter All Stars - Gig on 5 August 2015
There were far too many reviews returned to include them all - the following is a selection:
Jean Chase & Jean Petty: “The tops.  They never disappoint.”
Marion Lance & Gill Skinner: “Very lively & toe tapping - liked a lot.”
Jim & Margaret Bevington: “The best.”
Vic & Sue Pheasant: “A genuine New Orleans style jazz band; excellent musicians.  PROPER JAZZ!!!”
Belinda & John Bugg: “One of our favourite bands, fab drum solo!  Missed Alan Gresty on trumpet though this band knows how to send us home happy.  Please re-book more often.”
Tony Baily: “Great night of New Orleans jazz with the legendary Colin Bowen on Drums - Baby Dodds would be proud of him.”
Peter Almond & Eric Butler: “Excellent Band.  Great musicians; have to see them again soon.”

Chris Newman’s Georgia Ramblers plus Chris Gower - Gig on 22 July 2015
Ron Norman & Jeannette Gibson: “Good music, good musicians, good fun, good singing - very enjoyable.”
Maureen & John Carter: “Our own Chris Newman, this time supplemented by Chris Gower on trombone adding a new dimension to the sound, especially when giving sound effects of a WW1 biplane!  As usual Chris finds lesser known and unusual numbers from the 1930s jazz scene,”
Jan & Peter Almond: “A good (in fact very good) and entertaining band.  Excellent playing.  Well done all of you.”
Roger & Margaret Standen: “Brilliant trombonist.  Good evening.  Enjoyed band with Chris on piano.”
Jim & Margaret Bevington: “Superb!”
Barry Lomas, Trish Emm & Joy Cox: “Smooth with variations & commentary from ‘Mr Tinkler’ himself, our very own Chris Newman.”
Alexandra & Anders Lantz: “What an entertaining band!!! They are a bit like our own ‘house band’ now, aren’t they?  All good musicians but I have to point out Chris’s fantastic!! piano playing - it’s amazing!”
Betty Hart & Mary Fletcher: “Love to listen to information Chris gives before each piece of music.  Band excellent.”
Tim King & Andrew Gaisford: “Chris was great on keyboard as usual but a great blend of music from all.  Loved the plane ‘flypasts’, so realistic!”
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Sportinghouse Trio - Gig on 8 July 2015
Jim & Margaret Bevington: “Three excellent Musicians.  Pleasant choice of music.  Best banjo/singer I have heard.”
John Phillips: ”Pat would have loved it!  Thank you.”
Beling & Brian Maddock and Richard Wilson: “Wonderful entertainment - always enjoy Martin Litton’s playing and great to see Spats back in Gosport.”
Janice Day: “A wonderful mix of unusual and familiar tunes, performed by superb musicians.  A delight.  Listening to Spats sing is like being wrapped in a warm blanket.”
Andrew Gaisford: “Wow!.  Another big contrast from the last gi!  Not bad considering their background of ill repute!”  (Webmaster’s note - ‘Sportinghouse’ is a euphemism for a brothel.)
Peter Almond: “Great musicians, Very entertaining.”
Tony Baily: “As good as last time. Always a pleasure to have Spats back.”
Roger & Margaret Standen: “Wonderful piano player.  Brilliant bass and banjo player.  Thoroughly enjoyed the evening.”
Maureen & John Carter: “Another entertaining change from the usual traditional six piece line-up, with the inimitable ‘Spats’ Langham ably backed by Martin Litton (piano) and Richard Vernon (double bass) playing in the Tommy Burton mould.”

Amy Roberts/Richard Exall Quintet - Gig on 24 June 2015
Jean Chase: “VV good.  I love trad jazz but very much enjoyed this refreshing, dynamic style - for a change.”
Maureen & John Carter: “Not our usual ‘Trad’ lie-up but five young and talented musicians playing frantic jazz and working very hard together.  Very enjoyable change.”
Rita Crowe & Bunty Brindley: “ Very Good.”
Jim & Margaret Bevington: “Excellent.  Very much liked.”
Gillian & Sandra: “Great night.  All great musicians.”
John Ward: “This is a delightful band to  listen and see - how great are each of them with their music and variety of instruments.  So different yet great to listen to - don’t stop.  Please come back.”
Carole Mort & Eddie Wotton: “Brilliant musicians - not too much modern jazz saxophones.”
Tim King: “Very muck liked.”
Andrew Gaisford: “Blooming marvellous, something brilliant.  Hope to see them in 12 months time.  Straight in with brilliant playing from the start.  Great to see a lady in the band.  Thanks Chris for booking them.  A real evening of fun.  No weak member - all VG.“
Roger & Margaret Standen: “Brilliant band - like to see again.  Clever musicians
Barry Lomas plus four: “ ‘Oh no’ I thought as they started, ‘Another lot trilley doughbly la la la plonking about”.  Then I heard the lovely harmonies and changed my mind.  They were very good indeed.  10/10.”
Tony Baily: “A wonderful group.  A lovely change to hear a front line with a flute, so nice.  Such a professional band - please come back and play for us next year.”
Alexandra & Anders Lantz and Belinda Maddock: “What a fantastic band!!!  This is by far one of the best bands we’ve had at the Club, I think really outstanding!!!  But then again I’m a huge fan of reeds instruments and there were a lot of them tonight!  Please bring the band back again ... soon.  Thanks for a wonderful evening”.
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Andy Woon’s Vintage Hot Five - Gig on 10 June 2015
Norman & Chris Beckett: “Brilliant music and a good fun evening.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “A high calibre band totally suited to the club circuit with a unique quality of musical talent and humour.”
Tony Baily: “Good fun band with great drummer.  See you next year.”
Anita & David Cairns and John Kilian: “Nice relaxing sound.  Good musicians.  Also good fun.”
David & Bridget Salmons: “Good musicians but haven’t quite captured the audience.”

All The Helens -  Gig on 27 May 2015
Jim Bevington: “Five good instrumentalists moved up a class by the perfomance (apparently scatty) of Janice Day’s vocals.“ (Webmaster’s note - ‘Scat singing’ is vocal improvisation with wordless vocables, nonsense syllables or without words at all.)
Anonymous - no name given: “What a wonderful band.  Great singing, lots of laughs, lovely songs.  Made a nice change.  Please come back again.”
Alvis Philips and Bob & Olwen Halder: “All excellent musicians.”
Reg Norton: “Absolutely delighted with the whole performance but especially with the great ad libbing of the singer, Janice Day!  Was not feeling so well so almost decided not to attend - so glad I did.”
John & Maureen Carter: “What an evening!  Five superb musicians ably led by Martin Litton on piano plus woderful singer< Janice Da, and so much humour.”
Barry Lomas: “Quite a change, not trad but very entertaining.  As for the singer, Janice Day was funny, relaxed and deelightful and made a change.”

Millennium Eagle Jazz Band - Gig on 13 May 2015:
Alexandra Lantz: “I truly love this band and am so glad that take the time and effort to come down to play for us here in Gosport.  So professional and versatile.  And the reeds (Matt) is just phenomenal.”

John Maddocks’ Jazzmen - Gig on 29 April 2015 - The pianist deputising was our own Chris Newman, so any references to the pianist below are tongue in cheek, we think!
Entry to this gig was free for Members.
Chris & Norman Beckett: “A brilliant full-on evening!”
Betty Hart & Mary Fletcher: “Excellent - lively, great musicians.  Great choice of music.”
John Curtis: “Excellent group.  Sorry to have missed my old school chum, Chris (Satterley), but his replacement was quite good (for his age)!”
Andrew Gaisford & Tim King: “Very much liked and even better for being free.  Rubbish pianist tho’!”
Barry Lomas: “Playing better than ever.  Big band sound with seven performers(including our own Chris on piano).  You can bring them again Chris.”
Rex Barker & Heidlelin de Barker-Schadinger: “John is great at bringing obscure pieces into a great repertoire, introducing long forgotten but great numbers - and always with humour.”
Maureen & John Carter: “Excellent evening’s entertainment from this popular band.  Good selection of traditional jazz, from Beale Street to Jeep’s Blues, aided and abetted by our own Chris on piano.”

Cuff Billett’s New Europa Jazz Band - Gig on 15 April 2015
Trish Emm, Joy Cox & Barry Lomas: “Good to hear some different numbers.”
John & Maureen Carter: “Good band, good performance but Cuff must get a microphone for singing.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “The same consistently high standard one expects from Cuff and his band.”

Bob Dwyer’s Bix & Pieces - Gig on 1 April 2015
Maureen & John Carter: “Superb evening’s entertainment from this accomplished band.  Especially enjoyed Max Emmons in R&B mode with his harmonica.  Also enjoyed Trevor Whiting depping on reeds.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “A good solid sounding band with a wide repertoire.”
Jan & Pete Almond: “Wonderful, refreshingly good Jazz.  Entertaining the audience really seems to give them pleasure!!”
Bob Halder: ”Played well.”
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New Orleans Heat - gig on 18 March 2015
Tony Baily: “A very good jazz band.  To be booked again.”
Barry Lomas : “Great 7 piece band & that extra one takes into a whole new dimension.   Lively & superb playing & must come back soon.  ‘Happy Jazz’ indeed.”
Nick & Heather Anderson: “A very professional band playing ‘all the right notes in the right order’ and an excellent choice of music”.
Maureen & John Carter: “Considerably changed line-up since their last visit but still the same superb performance from this very accomplished New Orleans style band, all ably led by Barry Grummett’s driving piano.”
Phyllis Holroydand John & June Curtis: “Excellent - the singing an added bonus. Must come again”.
Reg Norton: “Brilliant!  Thoroughly enjoyed this evening.”:

Mission Hall Jazz Band - Seventeenth Nat Gonella Tribute night gig on 4 March 2015
Deidre & Alan Wayman: “Always very entertaining and talented”.
Nick & Heather Anderson: “Usual high standard with some less familiar numbers included.  Some unusual but good arrangements”.
Alexandra Lantz: “Again, a wonderful band.  And they sing very well too!!  Very entertaining as well”.
Ron Norman: ”What a great evening - more please - and what about the clarinetist?  Marvellous”.
Maureen & John Carter: “Excellent evening’s entertainment from these old stalewarts of Gosport Jazz Club.  How much longer will Gerry keep going?”
Barry Lomas: “Smooth and accomplished as usual.  Well suited for Nat Gonella Night”.

Colin Kingwell’s Jazz Bandits - gig on 18 February 2015
Barry Lomas & Trish Emm: “Always good.  Corny, innocent jokes and accomplished playing.  Good fun.”
John Carter: “Another good evening’s entertainment from these old favourites of Gosport Jazz Club.  Plus three ‘newish’ jokes from Colin!”
June & John Curtis and Phyllis Holroyd: “Very good evening’s entertainment”.
Alice Gill & Gerry Hasler: “Good evening - good music and a lot of laughs”.

Golden Eagle Jazz Band - Gig on 4 February 2015
Jim & Margaret Bevington: “Happy, talented band.  Very entertaining & a bit of ‘chat’”.
Nick & Heather Anderson: ”A very talented band edged with a good sense of humour”
Barry Lomas: “Very cheerful entertainment & the music wasn’t bad either!”
John & Maureen Carter: “Superb evening!  Great jazz, great entertainment!  With a strong front line plus a driving beat from the rhythm section, all ably led by Kevin Scott on Banjo”.
Alexandra Lantz: “As always, very good quality band.  They seemed to have fun playing for us and we had fun (and enjoyed) listening to them”.
Tony Baily: “Wonderful, as usual”.
June & John Curtis and Phyllis Holroyd: “Lively and great entertainment”.
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Louisiana Jazzmen - Gig on 21 January 2015
Alexandra Lantz wrote: “Lovely, lively tunes from this well-playing and well-dressed band.  As always, the jazz evenings are of very good quality.”
Terry Nash said: “Good stable trad music.”
Phyllis Holroyd, John & June Curtis and Mary Young wrote: “ Easy listening, Enjoyed.”
Tony Baily said: “Excellent as usual.”
John Ward wrote: “Found this to be a very enjoyable band.  Music first class.  Singing and tunes a variety, easy to listen to.”
William Morgan said “Sameness.”
Nick & Heather Anderson wrote: “Another band fully meeting the high standards required at the Club.”
Barry Lomas & Trish Emm said: “A traditional Jazz Band playing traditional jazz to a traditional jazz club traditionally.  Quite competent but lacking variations (third set was best).”
John Carter wrote: “A new band (to me)but we knew at least four of the members from other bands (mainly Cuff Billett’s New Europa).  A good mix of classic trad New Orleans numbers.  Very enjoyable evening.

Andy Leggett/Chris Pearce Quintet - Gig on 7 January 2015
Barry Lomas said ”Excellent entertainment.  The pair of clarinetists/saxophonists were absolutely fabulous.  Must come again”.
Tony Baily thought “good selection of tunes and a nice change”.
Nick & Heather Anderson wrote “A band proving it is not necessary to have a trumpeter to achieve a good melody”.
Jan Almond said “What a good band.  Good sound and very entertaining.  All good musicians”.
Maureen & John Carter said “Two old guys with 6 reed instruments between them weaving wonderful music together - especially on two sopranos, one straight, one curved.  All ably supported by a strong rhythm section”.
Reg Norton thought “Phil, the guitarist’ almost made his instrument talk!  Loved the soprano saxophones”.

Sussex Jazz Kings - Christmas dinner gig on 17 December 2014
Maureen & John Carter wrote: “Usual good performance from these old favourite musicians.  With a gesture to the festive season in tune choice and costumes, ie. reindeer antlers & red noses!  A good evening.”
Barry Lomas simply said “Good stuff”.

Featherstone Jazzmen - Gig on 10 December 2014
Mary Young & Phyllis Holroyd wrote: “Great trad jazz.  A really fun evening - straight forward and down to earth”.
Harry Strutter’s Jive & Swing - Gig on 26 November 2014
Mary Young, Phyllis Holroyd and June & John Curtis wrote: “Good musical sound.  Clever playing but lacked a little ‘Life’.  Singers excellent”.
Reg Norton “Thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  So much that was familiar and much loved tunes”.
Jan & Peter Almond “Loved the interaction with the audience.  Good music, Very entertaining”.
Barry Lomas said: “Not trad. jazz but the band’s name says it all.  Generally entertaining though”.
John Carter wrote: “This band is one of the old favourites of Gosport Jazz Club.from the days of the full orchestra and ‘No Fishing’ and ‘Professor Amazo’, but this was the ‘small’ band, equally entertaining and ably led by ‘Mountainous’ Maurice Dennis!”
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Kevin Grenfell’s Jazz Giants - Gig on 12 November 2014
Alexandra & Anders Lantz wrote: “This is a very entertaining band.  As well as good, very good.  Excellent selection of tunes added to a most wonderful jazz evening.  Thanks to the committee who always book such fantastic bands.”
Dave Myers & Fred Rutherford said: “A great show at every level.  Matt Palmer outstanding.  Is a ‘must’ for rebooking please.  Humour, entertainment, superb musicianship.”
Phyllis Holroyd and June & John Curtis thought: “Great music, great repartee.  A fantastic evening.  Not rubbish.”
Rex Barker wrote: “A good selection, varied and great instrumentalists.”
Reg Norton ”Thoroughly enjoyed the evening and the really great way the music was presented.  It was such a happy and humorous performance.  THE BEST!!”
Maureen & John Carter said: “ With a front line of Kevin & Matt playing six instruments between them, plus Simon’s boogies and a driving beat from Bass & Drums, plus vocals & 2-part harmonies plus jokes & comedy routines - made a super evening’s entertainment.”
Mary Flethcher & Betty Hart said simply: “One of the best.”
Gill, Sandra & Brian wrote: “Very entertaining.  Humour, brilliant music.  Definitely book again.  Very smart.”
Heather & Nick Anderson thought: “One of the most versatile and entertaining bands ever to play at the Club.”
Joy Cox & Bill Morgan wrote: “Fantastic - come again!!!
Barry Lomas said: “Lively fun - no bum notes!  Very good indeed.”

Our very own Chris Newman’s Georgia Ramblers - Gig on 29 October 2014:
Anita & David Cairns and John Killian wrote: ”A very enjoyable quartet.  Great evening.  Very educational.  Book them again!  More boogie woogie next time please.”
Mary & Betty just said: “Excellent!”
Terry Nash exclaimed: “Try & keep them away!!!!!” but awarded a ‘Very Much Liked’ to remove any doubt!
Alexandra Lantz wrote: “This is a fantastic & very talented band!!!  So entertaining with such good musicians!!!  I cannot praise Chris's piano playing enough.  The trumpet player's singing is also worth praising.  Please have them back more often.”

Limehouse Jazz Band from Holland (10-piece) - Gig on 21 October 2014:
John Ward wrote: “Enjoyed very much.  Completely different.  Excellent professional music arrangements.  Easy to listen to.  A very pleasant evening.  Enjoyed by all.”
Alexandra Lantz said: “Very unusual sound .... and absolutely wonderful.  Loved the reeds section & the brass ... well, the whole band.  Hope they come again.”
Reg Norton thought: “Excellent band.  Made a very nice change to have a big band and particularly one of this quality.  The only limiting factor was the concentrated period of 1920-30 (meant some of the tunes were not well known).”
Maureen & John Carter wrote: “Quite a change from our usual 6-piece line-up, with a 10-piece “big” band playing heavily arranged traditional music but a very pleasant change for once a year!”
Jan & Peter Almond wrote: “Brilliant, very professional, a good sound & really enjoyed playing for us!!”
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Excelsior Vintage Jazz - Gig on 15 October 2014
Maureen & John Carter wrote: “Good solid performance from this popular band.  Nice to see Cuff (Billett) back again”.
Barry Lomas said: “Shame no vocals - whoops - just had one!  (Must wait next time.)

'Tiger' Tim’s Ragamuffins - Gig on 1 October 2014
Alvis Philips wrote: “Really on form tonight.  Very good”.
Terry Nash said: “Excellent (including the stories)!”
Chris Wells thought: “Very, very proficient band and great fun too.  Well worth the entrance fee!!  Book ‘em again.”
Anita & David Cairns and John Killian said: “A very entertaining evening.  Great jazz.  Great fun. More please.  Bring your bugle next time!!!”
Barry Lomas wrote: “Good fun and entertaining music”.
John & Maureen Carter said: “Usual superb performance from Tim & Co.  Wonderful mix of good jazz, old jokes & repartee!  Super evening!”
John Ward wrote: “As usual - a great evening’s entertainment, not only the music but the ‘CHATTER’ Tim has.  Thanks for a lovely evening.  Very good all round band.”
Tony Baily thought: “Super Band.  Must be booked again.”

Martin Bennett’s Old Green River Band - Gig on 17 September 2014
Tony Baily said: “one of the best bands to play at Gosport Jazz Club.  Must be booked next year”.
John & Maureen Carter wrote: Superb performance, especially Howard (Murray) on 3 saxophones plus the drummer (Martin Guy) and Martin (Bennett’s vocals.  Good mix of blues and boogies to Ellington numbers”.
David & Anita Cairns said: a wonderful cacophony of sound - 100% better than last gig”.
Reg Norton wrote: “Thoroughly enjoyed   Never heard such a mellow trombone.  Liked the little fellow with ‘sax appeal’ and of course Martin (Bennett) on piano”.

Dave Moorwood’s Rascals of Rhythm - Gig on 3 September 2014
Jim Bevington wrote “Dave Moorwood on guitar singing songs sometimes amusing, always interesting.  The two reed players worked well together.  Good bass and piano completed an excellent swinging sound”.
John & Maureen Carter said “Interesting sound - a pleasant (occasional) change from the traditional line-up.  Missed Kim Osmond’s vocals though”.
Malcolm Swire thought “Five excellent musicians led by Dave Moorwood who was amusing and interesting as usual.  ‘Gentle Jazz’ without brass and drums.  A nice change”.
Jan & Peter Almond said: “What a good sound & something different for a change.  Very refreshing.”
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Chris Pearce’s Frenchmen Street Band - Gig on 20 August 2014
Barry Lomas said “Nice harmonies - crisp and clear brass.  Excellent.”
Margaret & Jim Bevington thought they “Harmonised beautifully.  Mix of well-known and not-so-well-known tunes.  Three good singers.”
Peter & Jan Almond wrote “Good, versatile band.  Very enjoyable evening.”
Maureen & John Carter said "Very Entertaining.  A good sound and a pleasure to listen to.”

Millennium Eagle Jazz Band - Gig on 6 August 2014
Remembered the survey forms this time!
Terry Nash said “Complemented each other. Nothing stuffy”
John & June Curtis & Phyllis Holroyd wrote: “An Enjoyable evening.  Very uplifting”
Pete & Jan Almond thought “Excellent group. Very, very enjoyable!!”
Reg Norton wrote “Liked the sometimes unusual choice of numbers, eg. Wonder who’s kissing her now!, Let the Light of the Lighthouse, It happened in Monterey.”
Mary Young said “A fun evening with some excellent singing.”
Maureen & John Carter wrote “ Really good, fun band.  Four vocalists plus harmonies.  Plus Terry Williams on trombone, drums and Sellotape!”

Brian White’s French Quarter All Stars - Gig on 23 July 2014
Your webmaster again forgot (no excuse this time) the survey forms but despite this John Carter wrote: “Excellent performance.  Band on rare form, especially Alan Gresty and Colin Bowden.  Have them back again.”
This band was given a rare standing ovation at the end - it was a great gig.

Sporting House Trio - Gig on 9 July 2014
No formal reviews of this Gig (because your webmaster forgot the survey forms!) but everyone seems to have enjoyed the change from the usual format.  The comments included ‘brilliant musicianship’, ‘wonderful’ and ‘fantastic’ and several asked to have them back.
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Gambit Jazzmen - Gig on 25 June 2014
John Carter wrote that it was ‘good to see Chris Tyle over here again and wondered what happened to Johnny Rogers.’  The answer to that is that sadly he is not well.
Phyllis Holroyd, and June & John Curtis said ‘Good jazz’.

Pedigree Jazz Band - Gig on 11 June 2014
Jan & Peter Almond thought they were “Brilliant, really loved them - energetic lively, wonderful musicians”.
Reg Norton wrote ”When are they coming back?  Brought back wonderful memories of the Hot Club of London with Ken Collyer, Chris Barber and Lonnie Donegan.  The Best!”.
Terry Nash said Six brilliant, well rehearsed musicians.  Could listen to them all night”.
John Carter wrote ”wonderful evening of nostalgia for British ‘pop’ music, late 50s to early 60s, between Lonnie Donegan and the Beatles!  Brilliant evening!”.

Bristol Blue Five plus 2 - Gig on 28 May 2014
John Ward & Angela wrote “very entertaining enjoyable individual playing with an excellent band leader who has an a great sense of humour.  All-in-all a great evening”.
Maureen & John Carter said “Good evening, good band - especially liked the piano player”.
Terry Nash wrote “Well led by Dennis - with good verbal intros”.

The Alan James Band - Gig on 14 May 2014
Yvonne Newlove said: “Very enjoyable evening’s entertainment”.
Maureen & John Carter wrote: “Excellent, especially the two deputies”.
Anita and David Cairns wrote: “ A workmanlike performance from six accomplished musicians.  Nothing outstanding but liked the clarinet player - lovely tone.  Would come again if they returned”.
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John Maddocks Jazzmen - Gig on 30 April 2014
Anita and David Cairns wrote: “What a FANTASTIC evening.  The seven musicians of the John Maddocks Jazzmen were all at their best last night and we were treated to an evening of scintillating, foot tapping, New Orleans Style Jazz.  The front line of John Maddocks (Reeds), Pete Wilkinson (Trumpet) and Chris Gower (Trombone) were backed up by a vibrant rhythm section with Chris Satterley (Piano), Pete McCurrie (Double Bass & Tuba) and  George Skidmore (Banjo) and Brian Barker (Drums).  They all worked their socks off - every one a gem.  The John Maddocks solo on the Clarinet, backed of course by the rhythm section, of Lady Be Good was out of this world.  Surely John must be one of the best, if not the best, at his craft on this instrument, BRILLIANT.  We were disappointed for the regulars who could not make the Gig last night as they missed a truly memorable evening.  We also feel sorry for all the punters out there who have yet to give our Jazz Club a try.”

New Orleans Heat - Gig on 16 April 2014
Jean Chase said: “New Orleans Heat - ON FIRE!”

Sunset Café Stompers - Gig on 2 April 2014
Roger Standen wrote the following: “Very refined and melodic trumpet playing.  Very good band.  Must book them again.!

Bob Dwyer’s Bix ’n’ Pieces - Gig on 4 December 2013
Jan Almond wrote the following review of the gig.
“Just to say what a great and enjoyable evening at the Jazz Club.  The band  was entertaining and very refreshing to listen to.  Their enthusiasm and enjoyment of their performance relayed itself to the audience.
Excellent performance by all players especially the harmonica/trumpet player and also the bass saxophone player.
Well done the band !!!”
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Chris Newman’s Georgia Ramblers plus Julie Horton - Gig on 25 September
John Carter wrote the following review of the gig.
“We welcomed our very own Chris Newman in his other guise as leader of the Georgia Ramblers.  He had his usual line-up of himself on keyboard plus Pete Dorday on cornet, Derek Little on clarinet and soprano sax, and Dave Rogers on bass, all ably supported by Julie Horton on vocals.
Chris puts a lot of thought into his programmes - they always follow a theme.
Tonight's session was based on tunes, not necessarily written as jazz numbers, including music from films and shows with the odd march and blues numbers and of course at least one boogie-woogie.  As well as Julie's singing we had the popular novelty song "My canary's got circles under his eyes" performed by Pete accompanied by Tweety Pie in true George Melly style!
A very good evening enjoyed by all, plus a surprise visit from Julie's ex head-master!”

Brian White’s French Quarter All Stars - Gig on 28 August 2013 - The line-up is given in the review.
Anita Cairns wrote the following review of the gig.
“What an excellent turn out at last night’s gig, which only goes to prove that when we have a good traditional jazz band performing at our club the attendance steps up a gear, great news.  You only had to listen to the applause to know that everyone really enjoyed the whole evening.  Six highly accomplished musicians with Brian White on Clarinet, Alan Gresty on Cornet, Geoff Cole on Trombone, John Arthy on Double Bass, John Baker on Drums, and John Stewart on Banjo, took us through an evening of scintillating, foot tapping jazz.  Some funny banter went on between numbers, mainly from the front line, which raised many a laugh from the audience.  A very professional, polished band, they clearly enjoy what they do.  DON’T miss this band when we get them back again.”

Chris Pearce’s Frenchmen Street Jazz Band - Gig on 14 August 2013 - Line-up was Chris Pearce, Leader, Reeds, Richard Leach, Trombone & Vocal, Dave Leithead, Trumpet & Vocal, Phil Probert, Banjo and Guitar, Graham Smith, Drums and Tony Sharp, Double Bass.
Vic Pheasant wrote the following review of the Gig:
“Chris Newman has certainly booked some excellent bands to play for us over the past year, and none better than Chris Pearce’s Frenchman Street Jazz Band to delight us on 14th August.  Formed with three members of the former Antique Six (Chris/Reeds, Richard Leach/trombone and the inimitable Graham Smith/drums), they played a selection of traditional numbers, one or two less familiar numbers, and a few solos, with style and panache tempered with a bit of humour and banter.  Finishing with a spirited rendition of `John Brown’s Body’ (excuse the pun), it was an excellent evening’s entertainment.”

Martin Bennett’s Old Green River Band - Gig on 5 June 2013 - Line-up was Martin Bennett, Leader, Keyboard & Vocal, Chez Chesterman, Cornet & Vocal, Jack ‘The Lad’ Cotterill, Drums, John Finch, Trombone & Vocal, Ed Lloyd-Hughes, Double Bass, Howard Murray, Reeds.
John Ward wrote the following review of the Gig:
“It was a great band - so different in some respects yet a great selection of numbers and songs. They really gave it their all.  They were all tops but I liked the base player who was so ACTIVE also the trombone player was always smiling and gigging about.  All-in-all a really good band in my opinion.”
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New Orleans Heat - Gig on 24 April 2013 - The following is a handout provided by the band at the Gig:
New Orleans Heat is a powerful exciting seven piece band playing the old style traditional New Orleans style jazz.  They play in the styles of the Bunk Johnson, George Lewis and Kid Thomas bands to the swinging rhythms of the Louis Prima Band.
They are a very popular band playing Jazz Clubs, Concerts, Festivals and Theatres throughout the UK and in Europe.  They have toured Mainland Europe again in April this year.
The band has been touring Sweden at least twice a year since 1992.  Playing Jazz Festivals, Jazz Clubs, Theatres and many Church Concerts.
The summer tour is usually for two to three weeks around Skane which is southern Sweden up country to Warmlands.
The October tour is usually seven concerts in and around Stockholm playing in Jazz Clubs and Churches.  This year we will be playing there after in Denmark weekend 4/5 October.
The normal line-up is:
Gwyn Lewis - Cornet/Flugel, John Scantlebury - Clarinet/Sax, Barry Grummett - Piano (band leader),
Harry Slater - String Bass, Tony Peatman – Banjo, Colin Bushell – Drums and Mike Taylor – Trombone, but at Gosport Graham Wiseman deputised for Mike.
163 Loughborough Road, Hathern, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE12 5HZ.
Tel: 01509 843431"

Vic & Sue Pheasant wrote the following review of the Gig:
“New Orleans Heat are, as their band name says, hot on New Orleans jazz, and last Wednesday was no exception.  Wow, were they HOT?!  What a great night of authentic JAZZ.  Having previously enjoyed their style of music, we were very much looking forward to seeing them again as they have been one of our favourite jazz bands for some years.  What an absolutely outstanding group!”
Judging by the enthusiastic applause from those who came along, their next appearance at Gosport will be an event not to be missed.”

Next Gig is Chris Walker’s Old Thumper Jazz Band on 8 May and here’s Chris Newman’s intro:
Chris Walker (reeds), Tony Robinson (t), Win Bowen (tr), Greg Painter (p), John Burgess (b), John Bell (d)
The band was originally formed for an open day at The Ringwood Brewery in June 2003 and, through their patronage, the band plays primarily at Festivals (both the Beer and the Jazz varieties), jazz clubs, private functions and, frequently, they play away the Ocean going cruise ships from the quayside in Southampton.  In addition the band helps to publicise the great Real Ales that are produced right in the centre of this historic Hampshire market town.
Put simply, The Old Thumper Jazz Band has augmented the existing ”Chris Walker Swingtet to produce a top rate Dixieland band playing exciting, foot tapping, danceable, happy jazz music reminiscent of the 1920‘s and 30‘s Chicago era.  As the great Louis Armstrong once remarked — ”There ain‘t but two types of music — Good & Bad.  And you can always tell the good because it makes you pat your feet!

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